#46. How Untapped Traffic Sources Led to $100k In 3 Days?

Traffic source of $100k in 3 days case study I mentioned on the last podcast episode was paid advertising.

But when someone reference paid advertising, most people think of Meta or Google PPC ads.

Then leads acquired through those channels are nurtured using email sequences.

Instead, we spend $50k of advertising budget on acquiring email lists.


Less competition = Low Cost per lead = Higher Profits.

We used the following 3 untapped email sources to acquire leads with CPL of $1 on avg. to get to $100k in 3 days:

1. Buying an entire Email List
2. Running ads in the email newsletter
3. Cross-Promotion of email lists

Want to know more?

Key points I covered:

Architecting a Growth System: I delve into the meticulous process of architecting a growth system for businesses, focusing on creating automatic sales, offers, and audience generation to drive ROI and impact for my clients.

Paid Advertising Strategies: This episode reveals compelling insights into leveraging untapped sources for acquiring leads at a low cost with high return on investment, steering clear of traditional paid advertising channels.

Strategic Sales and Offer Systems: I discuss the significance of comprehensive sales and offer systems, emphasizing the value of creating entry offers and leveraging order bumps and one-time offers to increase average order value and achieve early profitability.

Impact-driven Business Model: I emphasized the importance of creating offers designed to change lives and generate a return on investment along with a return on student impact, ultimately delivering rewards to businesses that they can be proud of.

#45. The Circle Of Choice: Use It To Coach Yourself And Clients

Last week, I spoke about two clients. In January, both did $100K. Client A did it in 3 weeks and Client B did it 3 days. The fascinating part? Client B, did less work – no webinars or sales calls, and it took less time.

That said, I went on to share how Client B did $50K the week after they did $100K. However, that $50K came from doing more work. Like, A LOT more – 2 live webinar/workshops, more emails, and more follow-up.

Naturally, that was a bummer, because by doing more, they hoped to make more.

As a result, they thought about saying no to doing webinars ever again in the future.

And that’s when I spoke about The Circle of Choice – a tool for making better executive decisions.

If you’re curious about why I spoke him out of NEVER doing live webinars again in the future and how I did it with the Circle of Choice, then this episode is for you.

And if you’re a nerd about personal growth, then you’ll especially love this one.

Key Points:

1. Architecting Growth: Marc introduces the concept of the “”circle of choice,”” a powerful executive decision-making tool aimed at steering your business towards success.

2. Decision-Making Dynamics: The discussion offers valuable insights into how our thoughts, feelings, and actions influence the outcomes we experience.

3. Goal Oriented Strategies: Real-world examples and scenarios are explored, illustrating how deliberate decision-making aligns with specific goals and can pave the way for increased success, profitability, and impact.

4. Self-Leadership and Empowerment: The concept of the “”circle of choice”” extends beyond decision-making, encompassing self-leadership and visionary behavior change, empowering individuals to leverage their abilities and create tangible impact.

#44. $100K in 3 days without sales calls or a webinar w/ Marc Aarons

Back in October, one of my clients did $100K in a week. In this episode, I talk about the upgrades to the campaign that brought in $100K in 3 days.

The biggest difference?

No sales calls. No webinars.

$100K in 3 days from emails, sales page, and text messages.

There’s a lot more to it like changes to the offer, including price points, and product improvements but one of the best parts was this:

Multiple sales for the $10,000 price tier without having to hop on a call or webinar.

This makes it way more scalable.

Lots to cover.

#43. From 20-year Navy veteran to Hollywood Screenwriting w/ Nicole Schwegman


– You joined the Navy…but you didn’t know how to swim?
– Your Mom told you to “find a man”…so you went to the grocery store and picked up your husband.
– You wanted to get better at cooking…so you decided to learn from a Presidential chef.

All of this is true, and then some, of Nicole Schwegmann, 20-year Navy Veteran, who, has done it all from driving warships to being the lead media correspondent for the entire U.S. Navy.

This, is a podcast unlike any other.

We talk about it all: overcoming fears, taking bold actions, her career switch, sacrifice for nation, and much, much more.

She will retire from active duty service in March 2024 and next, she’ll be entering the world of entertainment – a lifelong dream. If you’ve ever wondered about how to turn adversity into the adventure of a lifetime, then, you’re in for quite the ride today.

Here’s what we cover:

1. Overcoming Challenges: Nicole’s journey from the Navy to Hollywood was shaped by overcoming personal fears and cultural influences. Her resilience and determination serve as valuable lessons for navigating through life’s obstacles and pursuing one’s goals.

2. Defining Success: Nicole emphasizes the importance of personal fulfillment and enjoyment in one’s career, rather than simply achieving conventional success. Her perspective highlights the value of aligning one’s professional pursuits with their true passions and values.

3. Taking Tangible Steps: Nicole’s advice on taking concrete actions, such as enrolling in classes, writing scripts, and networking, demonstrates the significance of commitment and preparation in pursuing one’s ambitions.

4. Self-Discovery and Personal Growth: Nicole’s journey of continuous learning and self-improvement, from culinary school to screenwriting, underscores the importance of investing in personal development and seizing opportunities for growth.

5. Transitioning Into Civilian Life: As a veteran, Nicole shares insights into the challenges of transitioning from military culture to civilian life, emphasizing the importance of seeking guidance and mental preparation for life beyond military service.

#42. Top 10% Globally Ranked Podcast in 1 Year: Behind-the-scene w/ Marc Aarons

To recap 2023, let me take you behind the scene of the Modern Consultant Podcast:
– 3160 listeners.
– 41 Episodes.

That’s quantitative perspective. From qualitative perspective:
– Reconnected with my collegues, friends, past clients and got them to share bunch of secrets.
– Had an honor of talking to modern consultants behind $100k to $100B contracts.
– Explored almost every topic ranging from marketing, sales, business growth, sleep, AI, and much more.

Key Points Covered in this episode:

1. Revenue Contribution: The podcast significantly contributed to a 5 figure contract in 2023, with potential for a 6 figure contract in 2024. Listeners turned into clients after engaging with long-form episodes, demonstrating the podcast’s role in generating revenue.

2. Audience Engagement: The podcast garnered around 38,829 downloads from 3160 listeners in 2023. Despite relatively small numbers, Marc emphasizes the meaningful connections and the opportunity to reconnect with business contacts and friends, highlighting the importance of a loyal and engaged audience.

3. Integrating the Podcast into Sales: Marc delves into how the podcast fits into the sales process, particularly in the middle and bottom of the funnel. Long-form conversations allow potential clients to align with the host’s values, understand his strategic problem-solving approach, and gauge his expertise, all of which can influence their decision to engage in a service contract.

4. Strategic Partnerships and Intimacy: The podcast has been instrumental in creating deep connections with potential strategic and referral partners. Marc emphasizes that podcasting is a powerful tool for building intimacy and trust within the business community.

#41. Ethics & Leadership In the Time Of Artificial Intelligence w/ Bhushan Sethi

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be recognized as a leading voice in leadership? That’s something that Bhushan Sethi, our guest on today’s Modern Consultant podcast knows quite a bit about.

That’s because he’s ranked #81 on the ‘2023 Power List of the top 200 biggest voices in Leadership’. As a partner at PwC he has led high performance teams at Fortune 500s to even greater levels of success.

One of my favorite quotes? “Transformation isn’t just about change; it’s about evolving the core of your business”. And that’s just a taste of so much more.

Topics We Cover:
1. The importance of responsible AI, emphasizing the need for diverse datasets and diverse developers for ethical and impactful AI applications.

2. Addressing societal issues such as racism and classism while navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic and geopolitical tensions.

3. Business leadership, ethics, and the intersection of AI with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations.

4. Insights into the significance of understanding clients, reinventing business models, and aligning profit-making with positive environmental and societal impact.

5. Relatable personal anecdotes, including Bhushan’s experience as an immigrant and his approach to teaching leadership to his children.

References and Links:

#40 Economist shares how to clarify your business positioning w/ Sean Ericson

Marketing is the communication of value.

If you want to communicate value clearly, then behavioral economics can help. That’s because behavioral economics combines the study of economics (this includes the study of how groups of people make purchase decisions) and psychology (how individuals make decisions).

That said, we have a very special episode of The Modern Consultant here today, because I have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Sean Ericson – an economist specializing in innovation and climate change.

While his current work is focused on electric utilities and meeting their decarbonization goals as we adapt to a changing climate we talk about much more:

We talked about:

1. Sunk cost and its impact on decision making, emphasizing the importance of focusing on future prospects.

2. The link between behavioral economics and evolutionary biology. Drawing from psychology to understand decision-making processes.

3. Individual and group decision-making, exploring the balance between individual costs and collective benefits, with climate change as an example.

4. Game theory implications on personal relationships and the influence of one’s actions on the choices of others.

5. The complex interplay between relationships and transactions, highlighting the positive externalities of relationships in economics.

6. The concept of trust in collaborations, the impact on decision-making and values, and the psychology of self-sabotaging behavior.

#39. Oprah Winfrey at her doorstep. Learn the visibility framework w/ Lisa Fabrega

How does Oprah show up at your doorstep?

For starters, you might be an actress turned leadership coach to 6, 7, and 9-figure entrepreneurs. This is the story of Lisa Fabrega – my guest today on The Modern Consultant.

For more than ten years, she has helped entrepreneurs, corporate executives, Academy Award nominees, and Nobel Prize organization candidates break through boundaries that have been holding them back from their next level.

Her signature approach enables clients to reach their highest levels of success and impact.

Topics We Cover:
1. Transitioning from a career in acting to becoming a successful business coach for high-powered executives.

2. Overhauling branding and marketing strategies to attract attention from influencers like Oprah and Gayle King.

3. The impact of having the right inner circle for success and protection.

4. The significance of capacity over strategy in business, especially for leaders facing rapid growth.

5. Achieving authentic visibility and its impact on business growth and leadership.

6. The energy exchange in pricing and sales methodology, and the importance of being compensated for intellectual property.

#38. Analyzing 500,000+ YouTube Videos and More SEO & Product Research w/ Tory Gray

As we gear up for 2024, I’ve been thinking to myself, who are all the experts that are on the frontlines of being able to help expertise-driven businesses grow faster online? Who’s doing it with data? If I could find a “superexpert” for every single one of the 9 steps I used to help my clients win, who’d I wanna have a conversation with?

That’s when I thought of this week’s guest – Tory Gray.

Longtime friend and CEO of Gray.Company, an SEO, Data & Digital Market Intelligence consultancy.

In this episode, we dive deep on her extensive experience in SEO and growth strategy, owning both product and marketing roles for in-house startups and reputable agencies.

Topics We Cover:
1. AI Tools Beyond Content Creation
2. The Importance of Human Curation with AI-generated content
3. SEO as an investment and determining your target market, emphasizing the need to understand audience awareness levels, competitiveness, and conducting competitor research.
4. The Future of Data Accessibility

References and Links:
Tory’s Website: https://thegray.company/
Her LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/torygray/

#37. $100 Billion Dollar Negotiations w/ Christine McKay

After our Jay Abraham episode, I kept thinking to myself, who’d be a great follow-up to buying, growing, and selling businesses? Then, a Modern Consultant listener recommended I have chat with this week’s guest.

Why? Well, she’s a master of negotiation – $1M+ deals, $1B deals, and $100B deals. So, no matter what level of business you’re playing at, there’s something everyone can learn from here.

Meet Christine McKay, CEO of Venn Consulting, a master business negotiator with extensive experience in M&A (mergers and acquisitions), divestitures, and integration. She is also the author of the book, Why Not Ask? A Conversation about Getting More and contributing author for several compilation books.

Topics We Cover:
How The Hardest Negotiation Starts Within
The Four Primary Styles of Negotiation
The Champion Style of Negotiation
Evaluating the Success of a Deal
Benefactor, Maverick, and Ambassador Styles of Negotiation
Negotiation as a Way of Life
Understanding Negotiation Styles in Relationships and Business

References and Links:
Book: https://www.amazon.com/Why-Not-Ask-Conversation-Getting/dp/1734954906

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