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...so they can have more family time.

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OF NEW inquiries 10X’d his profit per hour WITHOUT MORE CLIENT WORK

$50,000 of inquiries for a new course in just 2 weeks allowed him to 10X his profit per hour without doing more 1-on-1 client work.

That frees him up for fun like the “gotta catch ’em all” Pokémon trip to Japan he did with his son.



while working 20 hours per week meant he could date his wife more 

He used that freedom to date his wife more and be even more present with his kids. 

He also had time to work dream projects like editing hit Netflix shows and trying out for American Ninja Warrior.



after just 4 weeks of tests allowed him to buy his time
so he could be a NEW DAD

He used the cashflow to build the kind of  business that ran without him. 

With a new son on the way, he wanted the way he worked to be different.

Now, he’s used the funds to build other dream businesses that don’t take him away from his family.

How We Create Results

The Product Flywheel Framework

The Product Flywheel Model is the underlying framework I use to deliver results to every client, in every product/service offer that we provide.

It is designed to be extremely applicable for pre-revenue to $1M in annual product-based revenue. However, use cases exist for the $1M-$10M per year revenue range.

To stay true to our company purpose of helping humans self-actualize, we triple-check for alignment on values before sharing implementation toolkits.

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Why this matters to me:

I’m the son of two service professionals… and so you could say helping people is in my blood.

However, it wouldn’t explain why I’ve worked with The United States National Institute of Health, New York Times bestselling authors, and ‘service professionals next door’ who enjoy a quiet life.

To understand why I do what I do, click the link with your favorite beverage for a quick fireside chat.

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