Course Growth for Consultants

I show you how to run better growth tests.

1st insight takes ~15 minutes.
1st win takes ~4 weeks.

Timelines are based on 1,600+ growth coaching calls.

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...from agency owners, authors, consultants and course creators:

3 weeks of tests, $17,297 in new course sales

“…first you helped me to see that my course ultimately helped parents be around for their kids’ bedtime stories. Then you helped me sell to folks outside my network and now it’s real. People value this and I have a fun way to reach them.”

Rob H.

Dev Shop Founder turned Course Creator
4 weeks of tests, " sales paid our copywriter's fees..."

“…this is beautiful work. I run a multi-million annual recurring revenue business that changes lives and we’re able to provide a generous quality of life to dozens of team members. A big thank you to Marc Aarons for helping me achieve my potential…”

N. D.

Agency Owner turned SaaS Founder
4 weeks of tests, $100,000 in entry offer sales

“Sales from cold traffic, even with the incomplete funnel. “You made me believe…” Never heard anybody sound that excited from a sales page before. They read it word for word. Can’t wait to have the whole thing done!”

Zach J.

Consultant turned Course Creator, Author and SaaS Founder

...But Can I Help You?

The internet's full of a hype but if you like data, then the following words may help.

Marc here, environmental science researcher turned course growth coach.

As a solo founder of my 1st online business, I ran growth tests that drove 700,000 users to my website without paid ads, influencer referrals or being featured in any major media.

People close to me will tell you my values sound like "relationships come first", "balance and growth", integrity and diversity.
Leading a live session with the my former GrowthLab coaching team at Forefront, a conference hosted by NYT best-selling author Ramit Sethi

Then, as a consultant, I designed tests like a 7-part sales email series that pre-sold a $5,000 online course without investment in lengthy product development cycles, a 70-page sales letter test that sold $100,000 worth of front end offers in 1 month, a pricing test that increased a user experience design agency's average contract value by 400%, and a design test that 2X'd monthly sales for a conversion rate optimization agency.

After running growth tests for a few years, I joined Ramit Sethi's GrowthLab Accelerator team as a senior coach, I advised 200+ solofounders ($0-$10M per year revenue ranges) on customer research, digital marketing, direct response copywriting, digital analytics strategy and conversion rate optimization.

It was mostly virtual but we also did in-person events and conferences over the 3 years of my role.

For the 2nd year of Forefront, I returned as co-Master of ceremonies for the 3-day event
Ryan Deiss (left) is the founder of and The Traffic and Conversion Summit - which hosts 5,000+ marketers each year. I've had the opportunity to learn directly from him at's HQ in Austin, TX a few times a year.

Now, after 1,600+ growth test calls and over a decade of iterating my signature methods through mentorship, practice and feedback - I've relaunched 80/20 Solutions as a place to help consultants grow their courses that change lives.

Jay Abraham: “…they have a 9-figure growth potential. What you’ve done with [client] is remarkable.”

Marc: “Thank you! Basically, my goal is be Jay Abraham for the internet.”

Jay: “Good, they need it!”

3-day mentorship at Jay Abraham's house (Jay's known as he "$21.7 Billion Dollar" business strategist to Tony Robbins, Daymond John of ABC's "Shark Tank" and 10,000+ clients over the last 40 years).

A Diagnostic Course Growth Call

With 25 minutes of looking over your existing course assets and tests, we can find where money is being left on the table. By the end of our video call, you will:

1. Know the top 3 course growth gaps you need to double down on improving this week (even if you don't have a funnel...)

2. Know the best mix of core sales assets to use for your current stage of growth (e.g. sales pages, sales calls, webinars or a hybrid approach).

3. Understand how to find your "diamond course price" without burning a single relationship.

4. Learn the M.A.P. T.E.S.T course growth method I use to deliver outcomes.

"Copy used to be the only tool to grow..."

“…these evergreen conversions are unheard of…now testing a 50% higher price on our subscription offer without worrying about losing buyers. I used to overcomplicate everything…now growth is simple and doable.”

Jenni W.

Course Creator and E-Commerce Coach

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