The Results

Client Success Stories

$200K in new revenue…
Zack Arnold
Founder, Optimize Yourself

96 Survey Replies​

96 survey replies in 1 week gave Zack insights into what offer his audience wanted, their ideal price range, and when they would buy.

$37,000 Launch

Zack does a $37,000+ launch in a “covid-decimated” industry.

$200,000+ in Revenue

Grew a $200,000+ online course and coaching business while working less than 20 hours a week.

Over 6 Figures in Course Sales​
Rob Howard
Founder, Howard Development and Consulting

247 Survey Replies​

274 survey replies in 5 days gave Rob and his team the confidence needed to create and sell signature courses.

$100K in Course Sales

Educational sales system allows Rob and his team to sell their courses on auto-pilot. No sales calls required.

$621 - $1,116 Profit per Hour from Online Courses

He 10X’d his average profit per hour on client work by building courses that change lives.

From “I hate marketing” to “one sale per day”.
Juliana Marulanda
Founder of ScaleTime

A Branded Framework

Juliana fit 15 years of her “secret sauce” expertise into a branded framework she’s proud of.

3x In-person Workshop Attendees

“I was expecting 30 people. We had 3X that. I printed 70 handouts and we were short by 20. High quality problem to have! [The workshop we worked on] crushed it”

One Sale Per Day

We used the branded framework to help her go from “hating marketing videos” to 1 sale a day
“When I saw much value we were offering on our sales page, it became real.”
Shamanth Rao
Founder & CEO RocketShip

1st Goal: 3 Students

When he started out, Shamanth had a simple goal: try to get 3 students to see if his course idea “had legs”

1st Launch: +25 Students

Instead of 3, he enrolled over 25 students using our rapid customer research and lean course launch approach.

2nd Launch: +45 Students

For his 2nd launch, he went bigger, enrolling over 45 students and partnering up with guest lecturers to provide deeper value.

“Sales are fun and inspiring now”
Ciara Pressler
Author and Founder of Pre-Game

62 Survey Replies

Ciara got insights from both prospective clients and long-term clients on what to build.

$12,000+ Launch

She ran a Lean Course Launch. Instead of a complex 80-page sales page, she had a simple sales system that included a 3-page document.

Effortless Sales

“Now, my sales calls aren’t scary, they’re fun and inspiring”. Rather than rely on just traditional sales calls, candidates saw all her program had to offer from her 3-pager, which made them excited to join.

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