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The Product Flywheel Framework

Unlock “1-to-many” scale without losing the deep impact of your 1-on-1 client work

How different would life be if you had...

An audience you’re proud to serve…
“1-to-many” offer(s) that change their lives…
“1-to-many” sales that inspire the best to join you…
And what if doing it got easier and faster every time you used it?

After helping 1,000+ course creators ranging from pre-revenue to $10M per year, I designed this framework to unlock all of the above and more.


Meet Rob, one of my clients.

“I really didn’t know how it was going to turn out…”
Rob Howard
Founder, Howard Development and Consulting

“Susan worked 60+ hours a week across 3 jobs. Now she works 20 hours a week, earns the same, and walks her son to school every morning.”

In consulting, his average profit per hour across all client projects was $59.

But after implementing our framework, his profit per hour for online courses was $621 — about a 10x increase.

It’s a strong result.

It’s also not a one-hit wonder or his best result.

For another course we helped launch, his profit per hour was $1,116.

Beyond profit, his total revenue from online courses is over six figures, which, from a business perspective, gives him a valid path to making done-for-you service work optional.

That said, the part I’m proudest to share is the impact his courses have on his students.

Rob's Impact

Before Rob’s course, Susan was juggling 60+ hours across three jobs that took her away from her family.

But then, she took his course…and in under a year of diligent effort, she was able to make the same income, by working just 20 hours a week.

A strong financial outcome – the the part that made it life changing for her though was this:

  • Now she had the time to walk her son to school every morning.
  • This, to me, is the true power of a transformational high-ticket course.

If you get it right, you create a win-win for everyone.

Your students’ lives can change – they wake up motivated to become the best version of themselves; the kind of people who leave the world better than how they found it.

Your team’s lives can change – they wake up inspired and proud to do and share the life-change work they get to be a part of.

Your life can change – you get rewarded for having a bigger impact on the world around you. The money you make becomes a direct reflection of the lives you’re impacting.

It’s possible.

However, if this isn’t your first rodeo with creating online courses, then you know it’s not always easy either…especially if you’ve been thinking about creating a transformational high-ticket course.

Chances are, you tried to get help from what I call the 4Cs of online help:

Courses, coaching, consulting, and (online) communities.

If they were anything like what Rob went through before we started working together, then some were probably bad, some okay, and some even great but at the end of the day, you still felt stuck in...

The Design Squiggle

The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman,

The Design Squiggle is a simple illustration of the design process that I didn’t come up with – it was created by Damien Newman. 

However, in my experience, I’ve found it highly applicable to A-to-Z process of creating and growing an online course-based business.

Tell me, does any of this sound familiar?

Course after course, coach after coach, consultant after consultant – many of us keep stitching together pieces of the puzzle.

If you’re like Rob, then sometimes, those pieces fit, but too often it feels like a struggle bus of trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

To make matters worse, no one would seem to get the bigger vision of profit + impact that he had for himself.

To make matters worse, as a busy parent leading a growing team of full-time employees, he just didn’t have the time to keep trying to figure it out by himself.

And so…even though he saw the multi-six figure potential of creating a higher-ticket online course, he put it off…for over a year.

If you’re thinking, “crap, he sounds like me…”, then I’m here to tell you that neither you or Rob are alone.

I’ve seen it hundreds of times.

Heck, I’ve experienced it too.

The only difference between you and I is that I’ve collected thousands of data points to find out what absolutely does NOT work, and what actually does.

Here’s what I learned:

The recipe for service providers to create high-impact courses looks the same at a first glance, but the ingredients for success are different.

New Ingredient #1

Discovery-Driven Waitlists

Waitlists work whether it’s a new iPhone, Tesla, or high-ticket course.

The problem with conventional waitlist strategies is that most marketers treat them as just a sales tool. Doing it that way limits your sales potential and reduces the overall impact of your course.

That’s we teach you how to create a waitlist that incorporates scalable client discovery.

Discovery happens with:

When you pair the power of client discovery with a well-executed waitlist strategy, you uncover the true profit potential of your course and the essential content needed to make it irresistibly helpful.

Take-Away: You find out your profit and impact potential before investing a single hour into selling or building it.


Rob used our audience survey and found a premium pocket of his audience was willing to pay $23,012 for a course idea he had. He ended up making ~$30,000 in pre-sales for it.

New Ingredient #2


This is "the cousin" of "PRE-SALES"

Pre-selling also works but…

The way most people teach pre-selling causes course creators to “rush-build” their content, resulting in a subpar course that doesn’t deliver the promised outcomes or meet the launch deadlines.

For service providers, that’s a fast-track to burning relationships it took you years and even decades to build.

That’s why we teach you how to pre-build enough teaching materials for your course, so that quality is high but you’re not taking forever to do it either (because perfectionism is the enemy of done).

Pre-Building happens with:

When you combine the power of pre-selling with solid pre-built teaching materials, you set yourself up for not just making sales, but delivering transformational results that go into powerful case studies (that drive even more sales).

Take-Away: By pre-selling and pre-building, you get the best of both worlds. Sales and impact, which then drives even more sales and impact. And you do it without burning out.

From “I’m not an expert at course design” to “curriculum outline” in 1 hour.
Maruxa Murphy
Community Strategist for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs
New Ingredient #3

Educational Sales Systems

Launches aren’t dead.

But launches are often designed for full-time marketers who are focused on transactional sales, not consultants who build long-term relationships with clients.

To sell in a way that’s in alignment with your values, doesn’t burn you out, but also doesn’t plateau your growth, you need an educational sales system that:

Pre-Building happens with:

When you add an educational sales system into your existing sales process, it won’t just sell your courses or programs, it’ll also sell your existing consulting offers.

Take-Away: When you pair an educational sales system with waitlists + discovery, you get predictable sales that scale.

From “I hate marketing” to “one sale per day”.
Juliana Marulanda
Founder of ScaleTime

A Branded Framework

Juliana fit 15 years of her “secret sauce” expertise into a branded framework she’s proud of.

3x In-person Workshop Attendees

“I was expecting 30 people. We had 3X that. I printed 70 handouts and we were short by 20. High quality problem to have! [The workshop we worked on] crushed it”

One Sale Per Day

We used the branded framework to help her go from “hating marketing videos” to 1 sale a day

Those are core ingredients in the bigger framework I built to help service providers win…

Hey, Marc here - founder of 80/20 Solutions.

I grew up as the curious kid of a MD/PhD and tourism executive on the tiny island of Jamaica. I’m deeply passionate about improving the world through education and service, as everyone who has come before me has, except, I grew up with the internet.

All that said, I see online education (and technology) as a way to be of greater service around the world.

And, for every service-driven professional I work with who wants that too, I see it as an honor to help them scale their impact on the world, while making sure they are fairly compensated for it.

That’s why I do what I do.

Creating the Product Flywheel Framework is an extension of that.

My Professional Bio

Marc Aarons is the founder of, which helps service providers productize and market their expertise online.

He has worked over 1,000 online education businesses and clients ranging from New York Times bestselling authors to neurosurgeons and the United States National Institute of Health.

As a former Environmental Sciences researcher he took an online course that taught him how to drive 700,000 visitors to his first website. That taught him the power of content to transform the trajectory of people’s lives.

Since then, his work has been featured in online publications including The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance!, and The American Writers and Artists Institute.


“Sales page in 2 hours…”

The sales page template was huge for us. Writing copy has always been the most daunting part of this for me. Whether that's speaking to our own clients or just writing a home page or anything like that, I tend to get really, really stuck on publishing anything to the website. And [we got] this done in two hours, something like that. So, yeah. Made it so easy.
They didn’t stop there

After creating their sales page in 2 hours, they went on to create their curriculum, worksheets, and teaching slides high-ticket in under a week.


The Product Flywheel Framework

A straightforward name for a program that includes training, tools, and coaching.

Here’s what you get:

What’s Included

Product Flywheel Training

Live and recorded training for all 4 areas of the Productization Flywheel.

Product Flywheel Toolkits

Over 50+ digital assets that do the heavy lifting for you at every step of the way.

Product Flywheel Coaching

Unlimited 1-on-1 consulting calls*, group coaching calls, and access to our 24/7 Slack channel (*depending on the options you select)

The Product Flywheel Training

The Product Flywheel Program is built on 4 parts of a every online education business needs at various stages of growth:

Productization Flywheel

Revenue Flywheel
Audience Flywheel
Offer Flywheel
Sales Flywheel

For this reason, once you or your team members have gone through the training once, you go through it again to make your flywheel flow faster (with less friction).

This is how you engineer growth…

The Product Flywheel Toolkits

For each mini-flywheel that powers your larger Product Flywheel, you’ll receive relevant resources and done-for-you digital assets that do a lot of the hard work so you can implement faster.

We’re constantly engineering new stuff for each engine, but at the time of writing, you’ll find the following resources. 

Yes, it’s a lot, but you’ll only use the ones you need and you’ll sleep soundly knowing that if you need “something”, it probably exists.

(We’re also adding more each month)

The Coaching System

Live group calls, unlimited 1-on-1 calls, and a private online community

Depending on the level of support you (or your team) needs, you’ll have a mix of live group calls, 1-on-1, and access to our private community. Either way, we’ve designed a daily support system so you’re always covered no matter what.

Ready for your Product Flywheel?

What’s Included

Product Flywheel Training

Live and recorded training for all 4 areas of the Productization Flywheel.

Product Flywheel Toolkits

Over 50+ digital assets that do the heavy lifting for you at every step of the way.

Product Flywheel Coaching

Unlimited 1-on-1 consulting calls*, group coaching calls, and access to our 24/7 Slack channel (*depending on the options you select)

“Sales are fun and inspiring now”
Ciara Pressler
Author and Founder of Pre-Game

62 Survey Replies

Ciara got insights from both prospective clients and long-term clients on what to build.

$12,000+ Launch

She ran a Lean Course Launch. Instead of a complex 80-page sales page, she had a simple sales system that included a 3-page document.

Effortless Sales

“Now, my sales calls aren’t scary, they’re fun and inspiring”. Rather than rely on just traditional sales calls, candidates saw all her program had to offer from her 3-pager, which made them excited to join.

The Timeline

It’s a minimum 6-month commitment program.

For every consultant or team that joins, we start with an assessment of what you currently have to create a Personalized Growth Roadmap through the training, toolkit, and support systems.

While the roadmap is individualized, the example below shows a common pathway through the program.


Week 1: Revenue Flywheel

Human Impact
On Day 1, we establish the measurable and meaningful impact you want to have on yourself, your team, and your audience. For some, that looks like spending more time with their loved ones, donating to a cause they care about, pursuing more meaningful work, or discovering more of their actualized self. That said, this isn't life-coaching - it will be brief, but meaningful, since it is the driving force behind all other work we do from this point forward.
Financial Impact
Once we know the human impact you'd like to have, next, we establish the financial measures needed to make it happen. Depending on your stage of growth, that may involve Profit First targets for your business or it might be your client acquisition targets at the price points needed to unlock the human impact (with a deadline attached to it).
Product Flywheel Targets
Now that we know where you're trying to and when you need to get there, we'll establish the highest priority Product Flywheel targets that need to be hit to get there (Your Point "B"). If you're a seasoned business owner, then this will also include looking at your existing performance baseline (Your Point "A"). This allows for a custom roadmap through the program that's specific to your existing assets, strengths, constraints, and preferences.

Month 1: Audience Flywheel

Filter Your Audience
We will start by filtering for your 3-part audience. Depending on your existing and desired channels for reaching your audience, we'll train you on how to ideate and validate your audience using our "Rubix Cube Research" approach that works for large, small, or "non-existent" audiences.
Enroll Right Now Buyers
Next we'll show you how to rapidly generate ROI by enrolling your "right now" buyers. In every audience, there is a subsegment of buyers who are ready to purchase your existing services every month. This approach invites them to raise their hand so that you can enroll them using your pre-existing sales process. Because you already have the systems in place to do this, it is very fast to execute on this.
Clone Your Audience
Finally, we show you how to clone your audience with artificial intelligence for you to have your "lake superior" of fresh quality candidates (on-demand). Quite often, clients don't need this step (if they're launching a productized offer for the 1st-through-5th times).

Month 2: Offer Flywheel

Architect Your Productized Program
Using our Google-inspired product development method, we show you how to shape your expertise into a 3-part meta structure of premium program. This allows you to immediately (or at a future point) turn your productized offer into a higher-end standalone course, small group consulting program, large group coaching program, or mastermind experience. Finally, to go from "blueprint" to "built", we train you on our "pre-building" method – a precise way to rapidly create all teaching assets – slide decks, worksheets, etc. – in a way that works for teaching it live, pre-recorded, or in a hybrid format.
Enroll Founding Members
Next, we show you how to use a relationship-first approach to enroll your founding members. If you read the Audience Sprint closely, you'll notice this is to be the 2nd opportunity for generating ROI. Unlike the Audience Sprint however, you'll be enrolling candidates for your new productized offer and in some instances, your existing service offers. Also unlike the Audience Sprint, you'll begin to test our proprietary approach (and toolkit) for simplified educational sales (it elevates your brand and generates free referrals even if they don't buy from you).
Assemble Proven Case Study Library
While enrolling founding members validates your system for selling, assembling a proven case study library validates your system for delivering results. Here, we'll show you how to create a case study library that shows your Productized Program works – using either proof of clients results from (1) your founding members, (2) relevant past client work, or (3) an ethical honest mix of both.

Month 3: Sales Flywheel

Streamline Sales Throughput
Here we map to see the model of your current sales process. Then, we look at performance data to see what touchpoints, if any, you're underperforming at. Then, we identify missing or underperforming copy, design, video, or tech assets to fix performance gaps. #ScientificMethod.
Design Educational Sales
Next, we show you how to design an improved educational sales system that's (1) aligned with your values (i.e. on-brand) (2) enhances the conversion principles of effective direct marketing and (3) deepens relationships by improving your audience's lives (this is how you get referrals even if they don't buy).
Grow Funnel Flow
With an educational sales funnel in place, now it's time to step on the gas – at this point, we show you how to turn this entire Productize Your Consulting process into a Growth Flywheel – one that flies faster, easier, and better the more you do it. The stretch goal for most clients is to either double the speed (do it in 6 weeks instead of 12) or double the efficiency (make it twice as easy).
Grow Your FLYWHEEL Capacity

Month 4-6: Audience, Offer, and Sales Engine

At this point of the program, the goal is for you to have 4 fundamental systems in place:
Revenue Engine
A system for selecting, tracking, and seeing progress towards your revenue and human impact goals.
Audience Engine
A system that filters, enrolls, and clone your audience all year round.
Offer Engine
A system for creating productized offer that can be scale as a standalone course, small group consulting program, large group coaching program, or mastermind experience.
Sales Engine
One that educates your buyer and elevates your brand through multiple stages of growth.

Once these are in the place, the next step is usually to grow the capacity of the minimum viable infrastructure. For example, you may want to go from all systems being able to handle 10-100 people to having the capacity for 100-1,000 people.

To do this, we’ll once again architect a custom roadmap through the training for you to upgrade whichever system is the highest priority for you, based on your ultimate goal (and preferences for getting there).

Over 6 Figures in Course Sales​
Rob Howard
Founder, Howard Development and Consulting

247 Survey Replies​

274 survey replies in 5 days gave Rob and his team the confidence needed to create and sell signature courses.

$100K in Course Sales

Educational sales system allows Rob and his team to sell their courses on auto-pilot. No sales calls required.

$621 - $1,116 Profit per Hour from Online Courses

He 10X’d his average profit per hour on client work by building courses that change lives.

Who Is This For?

A founder of a consultancy that’s ready to grow a profitable online education business that changes lives.

If you’re a solo independent consultant, then you should be making $200K or more in annual revenue.

If you lead a small full-time team, then annual revenue should be greater than $1M per year.

Those are the numbers but just as important, is the mindset.

Success requires a growth mindset - you’ve got to be open to new ways of thinking, being, and doing to unlock levels of growth you’ve yet to achieve.

This is life in the growth zone. Like the gym, it’s not always comfortable but this is how strength is built.

I want this for you, and you must want it too.

Who Is This Not For?

Independent consultants or service providers who are new to business.

Keep your dream alive, cross the thresholds above, then we’ll help you get to the next level.

If you have previous experience from other business models, then this exception does not apply because a lot of your business knowledge is transferable (for example, we have successful founders who transition from E-Commerce to digital products).

That said, this isn’t for you if you enter with a fixed mindset - you must be open to questioning fundamental assumptions in business and life if you’re doing something you haven’t done before. This is where and how growth happens.

This is also not for you if you’re looking for a quick-fix solution. As shared earlier, this is a 6-month minimum commitment and we have regularly worked with clients for years.

Should we have a mutually exceptional fit, we’d love to have you and be a proud part of your growth for years to come.

This Happens When You Apply

Once you click the “Book a Call” button, you’ll be taken to a form. There, I’ll ask a few questions to understand you better to see if we’d be an exceptional fit.

Ultimately, this is a preliminary assessment and so the clearer you are is the better I’ll be able to help you hit the ground running.

As mentioned above, we limited slots for working with clients at our current level of capacity. Depending on demand, we’ll have a mix of 1-on-1 options and group options to make this exceptional for every one we’re honored to work with.

If you see a form prior to the booking page, it just means we’re already approaching capacity - in that case, I or someone on my team will carefully review your application to share the next best steps such as booking a call, or working with us at a future date.

Success requires a growth mindset - you’ve got to be open to new ways of thinking, being, and doing to unlock levels of growth you’ve yet to achieve.

$200K in new revenue…
Zack Arnold
Founder, Optimize Yourself

96 Survey Replies​

96 survey replies in 1 week gave Zack insights into what offer his audience wanted, their ideal price range, and when they would buy.

$37,000 Launch

Zack does a $37,000+ launch in a “covid-decimated” industry.

$200,000+ in Revenue

Grew a $200,000+ online course and coaching business while working less than 20 hours a week.


To your best year yet,

Created a $10K course, $24K program, and $25K mastermind.
Gamal Codner
Serial entrepreneur

“I had a $3,000 program and a lot of the value was delivered on coaching calls. This time, I wanted to get much more clarity around curriculum, worksheets, and deliverability for complex topics like fundraising, marketing, and sales.”


“After we launched, members who ran 7-figure and 8-figure businesses told me our stuff was better than Fortune 500 training. CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) told me they were learning things they never learned in business school (and I don’t have formal training as an educator).”

Your Success Story — Coming Soon… ?

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