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Hey. Marc here.

I’m a product and marketing strategist who helps experts create transformational courses, masterminds, and workshops.

After being referred to me, people have share visionary goals with me like:

Hey. Marc here.

I’m a product and marketing strategist who helps experts create transformational courses, masterminds, and workshops.

After being referred to me, people have share visionary goals with me like:

If any of this has been top of mind for you then…

You’re not alone.

Not only is it possible, but I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals to create these kinds of results.

They bring their expertise and passion for execution. And I show them how to distill it down into a profitable productized offer that can impact the world.

Maybe you’re the kind of person that’s gifted at helping others 1-on-1, and know that a 1-to-many model would be an “X-factor” for multiplying your impact on the world.

Marc on stage. Workshop session for 500 attendees.

Or maybe you already have experience with scalable online models like courses, programs, and masterminds, but you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Either way, it’s not just about the money for you. If you’re like any of the purpose-driven professionals I’ve had the honor of working with, then deep down, there may even be a moral obligation for getting more of your expertise out to the world.

…and resting before that’s done is something that neither your heart or mind will allow you to do.

I know it well, because that was my story too.

I didn’t go to business school and I’m not a trained educator…

But I didn’t let that stop me from helping NYT bestselling authors, neurosurgeons, and some of the best service professionals you’ve never heard of.

While finishing up my Master’s in Environmental Sciences, I took an online course that taught me the fundamentals of online business. It was created by a medical doctor of all people. Since my Dad was also a doctor, that got my attention.

In my head, it wouldn’t make any sense for a doctor to throw away his credibility to try and sell an online course if it wasn’t any good.

Spoiler alert: I was right. That course taught me how to build my first website that 700,000 people found online. It wasn’t good. It was GREAT.

The deeper lesson it taught me was that there were non-traditional educational routes that could have a transformational impact on people’s lives, so long as the creator of the course or program took the time to truly create something remarkable.

The other lesson it taught me was that it could be done by someone who had untapped expertise in a seemingly unrelated field. After all, the creator of that course was a doctor, but I learned the principles of online business from him.

That, incredible alternate educational experience became the springboard for A Road Less Traveled where I’d go on to work with NYT bestselling authors like Ramit Sethi and business mentors like Jay Abraham, the “$21.7 billion dollar man” that has been a mentor to Tony Robbins and Daymond John of Shark Tank.

Hosting a conference with Ramit over the 3 years of us working together

Finding my calling

Through working with Ramit, Jay, and other business leaders, I discovered my calling.

For years, Ramit sent hundreds of professionals my way. Some were pre-revenue, some already business ranging up to $10M in revenue per year.

Regardless of their stage of growth or industry, I found out I was really great at helping them make business decisions that were in alignment with their deeply held values.

Given the number of people, I got great at doing it with (1) precision (2) speed and (3) volume.

Then, with Jay, I went deep. Far fewer people, but this time, they had businesses ranging from $10M-$100M.

I felt like I was in over my head but to my own surprise, I was able to not just keep pace, but find gaps in their plans, advise them on strategies, and help them get to their next growth milestone faster and at a lower cost.

With Jay Abraham at his home for 3 days of private training

Then, Jay referred his clients to work with me.

As it turns out, I was good at business consulting, across a wide range of industries, and at various stages of business growth.

However, hidden within that skill, was something deeper.

It was understanding the decades of deep expertise and life-changing experiences that really smart people had, then distilling it down to its core essence.

Turns out I was really good at business consulting…without a business degree. But underneath that, was making sense of the expertise inside.

And over the past few years, I’ve had a great time helping hundreds of professionals.

Some of my successful clients include…​

Ramit Sethi, NYT bestselling author and founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Over 1 million books sold and 47,000+ customers across all online courses and programs.
Michael Webb, neurosurgeon and former medical director before successfully exiting his practice.
Michael Webb
Zach Johnson, founder of, a technology company with a corporate card designed for high growth brands globally. Partnered with MasterCard, Evolve Bank, Mucker Capital and world class FinTech investors.
Zach Johnson
Antonio Centeno, former US Marine Corps Officer turned founder of Real Men Real Style. Over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and 3,000+ articles, videos, podcasts, and infographics that reach millions of men every month. Featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, Time, and CNN.
Antonio Centeno
Gamal Codner, 6x serial entrepreneur that creates “7-figure cash-cows” — brands that make $100k+ /month profit, with 3-5 products, 3-5 member team, happy customers, and a chill lifestyle. Keynote speaker for 4,000 entrepreneurs at Amazon DBA event.
Gamal Codner

They brought their vision and work ethic.

I see their vision, help sharpen it, and guide them (and their team) through making it a reality.

Now, it’s your turn.

Do you have expertise that the world needs to know about?

If you’ve been wanting to productize your expertise, scale your impact, and increase your profitability, then I invite you to explore the way I help my clients here.

Marc’s Bio

Marc Aarons is the founder of, which helps service providers productize and market their expertise online.

He has worked over 1,000 online education businesses and clients ranging from New York Times bestselling authors to neurosurgeons and the United States National Institute of Health.

As a former Environmental Sciences researcher he took an online course that taught him how to drive 700,000 visitors to his first website. That taught him the power of content to transform the trajectory of people’s lives.

Since then, his work has been featured in online publications including The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance!, and The American Writers and Artists Institute.

On the personal side…

I grew up as the curious kid of a MD/PhD and tourism executive on the tiny island of Jamaica. I’m deeply passionate about improving the world through education and service, as everyone who has come before me has, except, I grew up with the internet.

All that said, I see online education (and technology) as a way to be of greater service around the world.

And, for every service-driven professional I work with who wants that too, I see it as an honor to help them scale their impact on the world, while making sure they are fairly compensated for it.

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