#46. How Untapped Traffic Sources Led to $100k In 3 Days?

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Traffic source of $100k in 3 days case study I mentioned on the last podcast episode was paid advertising.

But when someone reference paid advertising, most people think of Meta or Google PPC ads.

Then leads acquired through those channels are nurtured using email sequences.

Instead, we spend $50k of advertising budget on acquiring email lists.


Less competition = Low Cost per lead = Higher Profits.

We used the following 3 untapped email sources to acquire leads with CPL of $1 on avg. to get to $100k in 3 days:

1. Buying an entire Email List
2. Running ads in the email newsletter
3. Cross-Promotion of email lists

Want to know more?

Key points I covered:

Architecting a Growth System: I delve into the meticulous process of architecting a growth system for businesses, focusing on creating automatic sales, offers, and audience generation to drive ROI and impact for my clients.

Paid Advertising Strategies: This episode reveals compelling insights into leveraging untapped sources for acquiring leads at a low cost with high return on investment, steering clear of traditional paid advertising channels.

Strategic Sales and Offer Systems: I discuss the significance of comprehensive sales and offer systems, emphasizing the value of creating entry offers and leveraging order bumps and one-time offers to increase average order value and achieve early profitability.

Impact-driven Business Model: I emphasized the importance of creating offers designed to change lives and generate a return on investment along with a return on student impact, ultimately delivering rewards to businesses that they can be proud of.


00:00 Architecting $1,000,000 per product per year business model.

03:41 Email newsletter acquisition, low cost, high return.

07:53 Implement cold acquisition traffic math with multiple offers.

12:39 Analyze lead sources for cost and profitability.

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