#43. From 20-year Navy veteran to Hollywood Screenwriting w/ Nicole Schwegman

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Imagine…- You joined the Navy…but you didn’t know how to swim?
– Your Mom told you to “find a man”…so you went to the grocery store and picked up your husband.
– You wanted to get better at cooking…so you decided to learn from a Presidential chef.

All of this is true, and then some, of Nicole Schwegman, 20-year Navy Veteran, who, has done it all from driving warships to being the lead media correspondent for the entire U.S. Navy.

This, is a podcast unlike any other.

We talk about it all: overcoming fears, taking bold actions, her career switch, sacrifice for nation, and much, much more.

She will retire from active duty service in March 2024 and next, she’ll be entering the world of entertainment – a lifelong dream. If you’ve ever wondered about how to turn adversity into the adventure of a lifetime, then, you’re in for quite the ride today.

Here’s what we cover:

1. Overcoming Challenges: Nicole’s journey from the Navy to Hollywood was shaped by overcoming personal fears and cultural influences. Her resilience and determination serve as valuable lessons for navigating through life’s obstacles and pursuing one’s goals.

2. Defining Success: Nicole emphasizes the importance of personal fulfillment and enjoyment in one’s career, rather than simply achieving conventional success. Her perspective highlights the value of aligning one’s professional pursuits with their true passions and values.

3. Taking Tangible Steps: Nicole’s advice on taking concrete actions, such as enrolling in classes, writing scripts, and networking, demonstrates the significance of commitment and preparation in pursuing one’s ambitions.

4. Self-Discovery and Personal Growth: Nicole’s journey of continuous learning and self-improvement, from culinary school to screenwriting, underscores the importance of investing in personal development and seizing opportunities for growth.

5. Transitioning Into Civilian Life: As a veteran, Nicole shares insights into the challenges of transitioning from military culture to civilian life, emphasizing the importance of seeking guidance and mental preparation for life beyond military service.

References and Links:

00:00 Intro

06:03 Adding swimming to military training made life tougher.

09:39 Story of uncle’s unexpected toss into the pool.

12:09 Dating, work, and Pentagon.

14:21 Met someone in grocery, now together for 17 years.

18:44 Balancing life while embracing military commitments.

22:02 Career and life coach helped me clarify.

25:10 Extrovert with introvert tendencies, strong creative streak.

29:26 Sacrifice for nation, missed family milestones.

30:12 Reflecting on 20 years, wish for carefree approach.

36:13 Passionate podcasting about food and cooking.

37:19 People don’t think about you that much.

43:17 Mom’s resilience and Naval Academy influence.

44:04 Success is closer than you think.

48:01 Prepare for Los Angeles move through online networking.

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