#45. The Circle Of Choice: Use It To Coach Yourself And Clients

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Last week, I spoke about two clients. In January, both did $100K. Client A did it in 3 weeks and Client B did it 3 days. The fascinating part? Client B, did less work – no webinars or sales calls, and it took less time.

That said, I went on to share how Client B did $50K the week after they did $100K. However, that $50K came from doing more work. Like, A LOT more – 2 live webinar/workshops, more emails, and more follow-up.

Naturally, that was a bummer, because by doing more, they hoped to make more.

As a result, they thought about saying no to doing webinars ever again in the future.

And that’s when I spoke about The Circle of Choice – a tool for making better executive decisions.

If you’re curious about why I spoke him out of NEVER doing live webinars again in the future and how I did it with the Circle of Choice, then this episode is for you.

And if you’re a nerd about personal growth, then you’ll especially love this one.

Key Points:

1. Architecting Growth: Marc introduces the concept of the “”circle of choice,”” a powerful executive decision-making tool aimed at steering your business towards success.

2. Decision-Making Dynamics: The discussion offers valuable insights into how our thoughts, feelings, and actions influence the outcomes we experience.

3. Goal Oriented Strategies: Real-world examples and scenarios are explored, illustrating how deliberate decision-making aligns with specific goals and can pave the way for increased success, profitability, and impact.

4. Self-Leadership and Empowerment: The concept of the “”circle of choice”” extends beyond decision-making, encompassing self-leadership and visionary behavior change, empowering individuals to leverage their abilities and create tangible impact.


04:13 Facing (bad) feelings despite achieving significant results.

07:38 Double the result scenario within Circle of Choice.

11:37 Model emphasizes self-leadership and citing sources.

Self Coaching 101: https://www.amazon.com/Self-Coaching-101-Brooke-Castillo/dp/0977853993 (Not an affiliate link)

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