#41. Ethics & Leadership In the Time Of Artificial Intelligence w/ Bhushan Sethi

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be recognized as a leading voice in leadership? That’s something that Bhushan Sethi, our guest on today’s Modern Consultant podcast knows quite a bit about.

That’s because he’s ranked #81 on the ‘2023 Power List of the top 200 biggest voices in Leadership’. As a partner at PwC he has led high performance teams at Fortune 500s to even greater levels of success.

One of my favorite quotes? “Transformation isn’t just about change; it’s about evolving the core of your business”. And that’s just a taste of so much more.

Topics We Cover:
1. The importance of responsible AI, emphasizing the need for diverse datasets and diverse developers for ethical and impactful AI applications.

2. Addressing societal issues such as racism and classism while navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic and geopolitical tensions.

3. Business leadership, ethics, and the intersection of AI with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations.

4. Insights into the significance of understanding clients, reinventing business models, and aligning profit-making with positive environmental and societal impact.

5. Relatable personal anecdotes, including Bhushan’s experience as an immigrant and his approach to teaching leadership to his children.

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00:00 Intro

03:19 AI changes signal exciting progress in technology.

06:30 Unity technology, democratization, opening opportunities for countries.

12:28 Responsible AI requires diverse and ethical datasets.

16:12 Addressing racism, classism, and the need for collaboration.

18:11 Engage in debate without polarization.

21:55 Understanding of relationships in career is essential.

25:22 Advising companies on transformative and people-centric strategies.

28:36 Geopolitical tensions impact commodity prices and technology.

31:17 Small businesses must adapt to technology for growth.

37:53 ESG intersects with emissions, technology, and decisions.

40:12 The Economist article on environment, social, and governance.

43:56 Maximize profits through innovative, sustainable business models.

48:25 Encourage compassion, understanding, and self-care in leadership.

More About The Guest:
Bhushan is a Partner at PwC where he serves as a seasoned global leader and pragmatic strategist. With a proven track record, he’s helped global organizations achieve sustainable success through organization and workforce strategies. His expertise spans growth strategy, cost reduction, digital transformation, and regulatory compliance. Within PwC, he previously co-led the Global People and Organization practice.

He is a frequent contributor to top-tier media outlets and actively contributes to forums like the World Economic Forum and G20/T20. He recently completed the “Harnessing AI for Breakthrough Innovation and Strategic Impact program” at Stanford University and currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at NYU Stern School of Business, teaching MBA students. Currently based in New York City, Bhushan’s career has spanned across Europe, Asia, and the US.

About The Host:
Marc helps experts scale their impact in the form of high-ticket courses, programs, VIP days, and masterminds (without losing the deep impact of their 1-on-1 work).

After helping over 1,000 entrepreneurs, he created his Product Flywheel Framework to help the next 1,000 do it faster. Learn more at: https://8020solutions.co


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