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Profitable Productization

A guide for service providers to create a $10,000 course
(that doesn’t rely on coaching and consulting calls to create life-changing transformations).

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Curriculum Gap Assessment: You have curriculum gap if a lot of your students need your coaching and consulting calls to have a transformation. To be sure, use this curriculum gap assessment on (page ##)

$10K Curriculum Prerequisites: $10K Curriculum Prerequisites: How to turn a $1K curriculum into a $10K curriculum with the R.I.S.E. training framework (Page ##)

Diamond Price Questions: The 4 questions to ask your audience to see if you’re under- or overpriced. Use it to price-correct existing courses and avoid building a new course they can’t or won’t pay for (Page ##)

The “Sea of Prices” for Online Courses: See the different price ranges for low-ticket, medium-ticket, and high-ticket courses (applicable to most English-speaking markets). (Page ##)

Course, Program, or Mastermind? Common features and limitations of each online offer format (and how to make them all better) (Page ##)

The 3% Course Completion Myth: Why we need to stop blaming students and start taking more responsibility for transformational outcomes. (page ##)

The Service Provider Advantage: Why service providers do better when they launch high-ticket and medium-ticket courses (Page ##)

1-Day $10K Curriculum Design: Our Google-inspired product development process for designing high-end curriculum in 8 hours (Page ##)

More about this guide

To charge $10,000, provide a $100,000 transformation.

Simple to write, but if it were easy to do, you’d have already done it.

I wrote this guide to make it easier because I believe that if you’re able to reliably deliver 10X the value to the people you feel called to serve, then their lives will be better forever.

To do it, I’ll share the framework I developed after 10+ years of working with online education entrepreneurs like:

Ramit Sethi
NYT bestselling author, I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Antonio Centeno
Founder, Real Men Real Style
Gamal Codner
CEO & Founder Codner, Inc.

It’s not easy, but when you do it right and for a long enough time…

Why listen to me

Hey, Marc here. Founder of 80/20 Solutions - online course coach and consultant for impact-driven experts.

I’ve helped over 1,000 online education entrepreneurs create, sell, and deliver online offers in the following price ranges:

Courses: $100 – $10,000.

Programs: $12,000 – $100,000.

While there’s no shortage of material out there on how to sell an online course, I noticed a gap in material on how to create high-ticket courses that don’t over-rely on coaching and consulting calls to generate student results.

So, I decided to create it.

That said, there’s a lot of shenanigans on the internet so here are a few more bits about me (for you to decide if I’m worth your time).

Over to you:

If you’re cool with being more profitable so you can help more people and be fairly compensated for your contribution then I’ve only got one more thing to say right now…

You’re in the right place 👊.

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For existing clients, this exists as a teaching resource. Inside, you’ll see the principles I teach of adding value at every step of the customer journey in action. Lead with value through clear helpful education.

For potential clients, you’ll learn part of our online education growth framework we teach and use ourselves. For some, this will be all you need to start generating results. For others who need or want more support, you’ll get to experience some of how we do things before going further.

For the emerging entrepreneur: I’m paying it forward to those of you who may not be able to afford working with us (yet). If that’s you, use this as a free resource to study, apply, and improve. I know where you are because I was once in your shoes and I want you to win. Stay the course. Create results. Then, come find us when you’re ready to grow it even further.

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