#38. Analyzing 500,000+ YouTube Videos and More SEO & Product Research w/ Tory Gray

Listen + Episode Show Notes
As we gear up for 2024, I’ve been thinking to myself, who are all the experts that are on the frontlines of being able to help expertise-driven businesses grow faster online? Who’s doing it with data? If I could find a “superexpert” for every single one of the 9 steps I used to help my clients win, who’d I wanna have a conversation with?

That’s when I thought of this week’s guest – Tory Gray.

Longtime friend and CEO of Gray.Company, an SEO, Data & Digital Market Intelligence consultancy.

In this episode, we dive deep on her extensive experience in SEO and growth strategy, owning both product and marketing roles for in-house startups and reputable agencies.

Topics We Cover:
1. AI Tools Beyond Content Creation
2. The Importance of Human Curation with AI-generated content
3. SEO as an investment and determining your target market, emphasizing the need to understand audience awareness levels, competitiveness, and conducting competitor research.
4. The Future of Data Accessibility

References and Links:
Tory’s Website: https://thegray.company/
Her LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/torygray/

02:46 Obama Campaign used data to target specific people.

04:04 Medical data source helps identify symptoms and sentiment.

07:48 Combining data for ideas and audience analysis.

12:43 Proprietary assumptions, varied data sources, crawling tools.

15:41 COVID changed search behavior.

17:41 YouTube sees surge in interest from businesses and how we analyzed ~500,000 YouTube Videos

20:18 Analyzing competitor data to develop YouTube strategy.

23:39 ChatGPT dramatically improves content accessibility and optimization.

27:34 Get unstuck, find creative angles and ideas.

29:56 Use SEO to define your market and optimize.

38:38 Measuring brand visibility across channels and platforms.

46:08 TikTok poses threat to Google’s search.

52:59 Discussion on charging for Reddit app usage.

55:04 Learn, calm down, stop stressing, enjoy, be strategic.

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