#9: Consultant to Coder: 1 Year to 100 Legal Firms Using His SaaS App w/ Wouter IJgosse

Listen + Episode Show Notes
Key Takeaways:

[2:33] – How hitchhiking through 23 countries shaped Wouter’s entrepreneurial mindset and perspective
[5:52] – How Wouter transitioned from financial engineering and consulting to founding Decision Vault
[9:28] – How to you decide which path to go down
[15:44] – Wouter’s advice to non-technical founders
[27:28] – Why Wouter chose to build a software product instead of an online course
[32:08] – How Wouter scaled his product by testing and iterating
[37:16] – Why the hitchhiking journey was a double-edged sword for Wouter
[40:10] – How a book helped Wouter decide which roles to hire for his product team
[48:40] – Takeaways from reaching out to 100 people in a week
[53:56] – Wouter’s favorite books for professional and personal development
[55:36] – What advice would Wouter give to his past self?


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