#4: From $7/hr Programmer To 7-Figure Agency w/ Primoz Bozic

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Primoz Bozic is the founder of media properties such as PrimozBozic.com, CopywritingProdigy.com, and StrategicParenting.com.

In today’s episode, we cover his journey from a $7 per hour programmer to 7-figure marketing agency owner in Slovenia, where the average hourly rate is $10 per hour.

While there’s no shortage of insightful gems for professional marketers and online business builders, we also get personal, starting with who he was before starting his consulting journey:
– Bullying that led to him repeating the last year of high school
– Breakdancing his way out of depression
– How he left his “hobby” of national Slovenian powerlifting and is now practicing yoga in Copenhagen, Thailand

We cover it all.

If you already know Primoz, then prepare to discover stories he’s never shared before.
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