#36. Should She Scale Her Group Coaching Program? w/ Leslie Chen

Listen + Episode Show Notes
For years, she’s tested, refined, and perfected her small group coaching program. She’s done it so well, that she boasts an incredible 95% success rate. And with those kind of results, her next natural question is…

“How do I help more people?”

But then, the next thought is…

“Will it make it worse for those who are already inside my program?”

That, right there, is the conundrum many skilled coaches and consultants face. Effectively, do we stay small and help a few people really well? Or do we scale, and help more people, but not as well?

This week on The Modern Consultant, I have the pleasure of saying to our guest Leslie Chen…

“What if you could have both?”

Then, in this week’s special “coaching podcast” episode, you’ll hear me walk her begin to architect how to do it.

More about Leslie: She is running an executive weight loss coaching program focusing on helping a community of high-impact women remove a toxic relationship with food while experiencing automated, inevitable weight loss.

Topics We Cover:
Lead generation and scaling Leslie Chen’s business
Refining messaging and value proposition
Scaling coaching program without compromising quality
Surveying and data collection for decision-making
Pricing and revenue considerations
Lessons learned and future goals

References and Links:

02:20 Successful coaching program with exceptional outcomes. Expansion needed.

07:59 Features of Successful Group Coaching Program.

15:52 How to test new model and ideas without changing existing clients.

21:29 Sell existing and new products confidently.

26:55 Seeking feedback on new offer’s pricing and format

32:15 Trim, refine, test, and analyze for optimal results.

36:12 Building scalable coaching program with care.

42:42 Convergence of qualitative survey data with 100-200 replies.

46:44 Using survey to increase revenue

52:50 Podcast topic: audience growth and $0 acquisition cost

01:00:00 Emotional experiences can be measured through surveys.

01:04:27 Untested hypothesis

01:07:43 Roadblocks, data, scaling, lead generation

01:18:28 Act on important ideas to make impact.

More About The Guest:
Leslie helps high-achieving women entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to restore a liberating relationship with food while gaining a head-turning body.

About The Host:
Marc helps experts scale their impact in the form of high-ticket courses, programs, VIP days, and masterminds (without losing the deep impact of their 1-on-1 work).

After helping over 1,000 entrepreneurs, he created his Product Flywheel Framework to help the next 1,000 do it faster. Learn more at: https://8020solutions.co


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