#31. Inside Look: Converting 600,000+ Email Subscribers w/ Marc Aarons

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A few weeks ago, we had about 350,000 email subscribers and now it’s about 600,000+ subscribers which changes our focus from getting more subscribers to “how do we convert?”

This week, I take you behind the scenes of how I’m doing that for an active client project. For confidentiality reasons, I can’t share everything but here’s what I do cover:

-Average email open rate (as of Sept 2023 from a database of 200M emails)
-How I’m getting 150%-250% higher email open rates
-Why 2,210 people asked us to sell them something
-2 kinds of emails I send in every campaign
-3 subject line templates you can use right now


[00:01:52] Kinds of emails, subject line templates, selling principles.

[00:05:30] September 2023 email open rates: 20-40%

[00:07:58] High click-through rate and promising open rates.

[00:10:31] Lead magnet engages, then address problem, introduce other offerings.

[00:16:16] Point: Underline that sales disagreements may upset. Email template example discussing nonfunctional workaholism and escapism.

[00:20:37] Common sticking points in achieving goals. Credibility through third party references. Effective subject line template for emails.

More about what I’m up to is over at https://8020solutions.co


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