#30. Product-Driven Marketing: How To Scale 1-on-1 Marketing, Sales, & Delivery w/ Daniel Ferrari

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This week on the Modern Consultant, I have the honor of hosting Daniel Ferrari.

At first glance, he looks like a surfer and that’s because he is.

When he’s not taming the Pacific Ocean on a board, you might find him riding boardroom-level profits for his clients as a fractional CMO with over 10 years of direct marketing and sales experience.

Professional Highlights: In a nutshell…

  • Enterprise marketing for the Intelligence community: He studied Commerce, Finance, and Marketing in undergrad before getting scooped up by Booz Allen Hamilton, the 100+ year old multi-billion dollar consulting firm that specializes in intelligence. He turned complex strategic communication into something people were excited to pay for.
  • 50% of new customers for a 9-figure Fintech company: After that, he joined the crew of Motley Fool – a 9-figure direct-marketing driven technology company that focuses on financial products and services. By the end of his time there, he was responsible for 50% of new customers.
  • Then he went rogue: For close to 10 years, he’s been the secret weapon to 7, 8, and 9-figure D2C (direct-to-consumer) brands. Specialties including but not limited to fractional CMO services, funnel strategy, offer development, and sales copy.

Personal Highlights: We’ve been friends for almost 10 years. We met Jay Abraham for the first time at the same time (back in 2014). Worked out at the same gym. Traveled to multiple marketing conferences together. Hung out at Agora Inc – 9-figure direct response driven company based in Baltimore. Birthday parties. That sort of thing.

Topics We Cover:

1. Timing is Everything: Knowing when to make a claim in the sales cycle can make all the difference, depending on the target market.

2. The Power of Investment: The more a customer invests in the initial marketing interaction, the more open they become to further engagement and claims.

3. Balancing Specific Outcomes and Intangible Benefits: Different price points require different approaches when it comes to focusing on either concrete outcomes or intangible benefits.

4. Scaling Strategies: When scaling a business, consider a top-down or bottom-up approach to pricing and delivery to cater to different customer needs.

5. Aligning Brand and Offer with Universal Desires: By understanding the core desires of your target audience, you can tailor your marketing strategies to create a strong connection and drive sales.

References and Links:
– “Spent” by Dr. Jeffrey Miller – a book that translates base-level human desires into effective marketing strategies.



[00:04:57] Pricing strategy for scaling online coaching businesses.

[00:06:25] Product-driven marketing: individual or group approach. Use webinars, book calls, etc. Then scale and make it appropriate for the price point.

[00:13:35] Scaling human-driven fulfillment is challenging, but possible. There are constraints in terms of manpower. Consider delivering a valuable package at a lower level and reducing guidance or coaching time.

[00:18:04] Interactive status, broad outcome definition, product development, easier marketing, selling points, copywriting, intangible benefits.

[00:28:24] Demonstration, storytelling, and case studies are important.

[00:35:02] Sales cycle length impacts message timing. Hook later.

[00:38:36] Sequencing customer journey, map touch points. Offer suite, sequence engagement with products. Layering.

[00:44:26] “Water time yields professional focus and growth.”

[00:47:49] Tango dancers: connect or feel free.

[00:56:45] Awareness, experience, emotions, targeting, product portfolio.

[01:02:04] Scaling and maturing businesses seek distribution.

[01:07:39] Learned lesson: deals hold significant weight in business.

[01:09:52] Crowded, quiet beach days. Seals, rays, nostalgia.

[01:16:22] Check out the show and subscribe for more.

More About The Guest:

Daniel is a Copywriter and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) marketing strategist. He was told recently by Parris Lampropoulos that he’s like the character “The Wolf” in Pulp Fiction. He can do anything, solve any problem, perform anywhere.

Part of him is a Copywriter, another part is a Copy Chief and Creative Director, and another one is a CMO.

Find out more about him at: http://www.ferrarimedia.com

About The Host:

Marc helps experts scale their impact in the form of high-ticket courses, programs, VIP days, and masterminds (without losing the deep impact of their 1-on-1 work).

After helping over 1,000 entrepreneurs, he created his Product Flywheel Framework to help the next 1,000 do it faster. Learn more at: https://8020solutions.co


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