#28. The First 3 Steps To Grow Your Expertise-Based Business

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Audience is who you serve.

Offers are what you serve.

Sales are how you tell them about the offers.

Simple to say, not so simple to execute, which is why I shared 80/20’s new process roadmap on a team meeting this morning. On that call, I shared how we’ll be serving our 1-on-1 clients through 2024 to start, grow, and scale every one of those systems.

If you’re a current client (or you’re planning to work with us in the next 3 months), then this one is mandatory.

Y’all are busy though so instead of a 2-hour podcast, I recorded a walkthrough podcast episode that’s just 10 minutes long.

You can get it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts but if you want to actually SEE the roadmap, then it makes sense to watch the YouTube video.

Personally, I’m excited for this for a couple reasons:

  • Small List: We’ve got a case study that shows how just 3 of these steps were used to generate $40,200 in 4 weeks from a list of 20 people.
  • Bigger List: We’re using all 9 steps right now for 500,000+ emails in a campaign that starts next week.
It’s a scalable framework, basically – no switching and hopping around. Just do one thing that works, and keep getting better at doing it.

Yes, it’s designed to help you go from 1-on-1 to 1-to-many, but let’s be real about what it’s really designed to do:

Grow revenue for your expertise-based business.

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