#27. Buy, grow, and sell businesses w/ Jay Abraham

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Unusual Highlights:
  • You can acquire just a part of a business.
  • Want more buyers? Acquire a list of buyers.
  • Want more leads? Acquire a traffic source.
  • Want more sales? Acquire a sales process, tech, or team.
  • Want a better product? Acquire a related product.
  • Acquiring a business (or just the part you need) can cost $0.



My Personal Take:

Whether you lead a team of 1, 10, 100, or 1,000 – in this episode, Jay will introduce you to a concept he calls:
Hyper-exponential growth.
Yes, you can get ahead with incremental growth.
Yes, you can lead your industry with exponential growth.
But, if you focus on hyper-exponential growth – then the only competition you’ll ever have are the limits of your own imagination.
Once the introduction to the concept is done, he will share with you __ strategies to go from idea to installation inside your business.
That said, if you’ve already know Jay, then you know he compresses decades of expertise into a single paragraph.
Should you take the time to unpack it, the 6-7-8 or 9-figure profit potential for you, your business, and team, is yours for the taking.
To decide on which and how much value you’d like to gift yourself right now, then scan what’s inside this episode in the following order:


  1. Themes: See the bigger ideas.
  2. Concepts: See “atomic elements” that make the bigger ideas work.
  3. Timestamps: See exactly where the themes and concepts get brought to life through stories and examples.


1. The Power of Collaboration: Jay emphasizes the importance of collaborating with individuals who have different skills and knowledge. By working together, you can achieve breakthroughs and create opportunities that you may not have thought possible.
2. Acquisition Strategies to Create Wealth: Jay unveils the power of acquiring businesses or assets as a means of solving problems or creating new opportunities. He shares examples of individuals who have achieved massive wealth by mastering acquisition methodologies.
3. Strategic Thinking vs. Tactical Thinking: Jay highlights the difference between being strategic and being tactical in business and life. He encourages listeners to shift their mindset to think strategically and explore new avenues for growth and impact.
4. Max ROI without personal funds: Jay shares strategies for generating massive returns on investment without using personal funds. He reveals how passive investors can make multiples of thousands of percent a year on their investments.


  • AQUIREpreneur: The next level of entrepreneurship.
  • EPIC: Ethically earn enormous profits in a time of crisis.
  • The 3 (core) ways to grow a business.
  • The 3 (advanced) ways to grow a business.
  • 9 more drivers of growth: marketing, strategy, capital, business model, relationships, distribution channels, products and services, process/procedures/systems, ideology
  • 9 Sticking Points of growth: Nine questions to self-diagnose your own barriers to growth.
  • 12 Strategic Pillars: Twelve ways to continuously optimize the profitability and impact of your business.
  • More.

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Timestamps of Key Moments:

[00:03:37] Acquisition for business growth and wealth creation: Jay discusses the benefits of acquiring established businesses and using acquisition as a growth strategy for increasing income and wealth. He also highlights various methods and categories for growing a business, including referrals, marketing, and acquiring competitors or assets.
[00:10:29] Book acquisition amplifies business success and wealth: Acquire successful book rights, add chapters, profit. Increase income and sellable value of your business.
[00:17:05] Introduction to Jay’s Profit Maximization Strategies: 3 ways to grow a business, penetrating new markets, and optimizing revenue systems. Common sticking points in business. Relevancy. Much more.
[00:31:36] Growth Strategies Cont’d: Maximize advertising and access, make deals for funding and revenue shares, and find experts or products/services to increase yield.
[00:36:13] Massive wealth creation, collaboration, growth, solving problems, strategic thinking, acquiring businesses, incentivizing launches.
[00:43:34] Building wealth to make a meaningful impact: Achieving economic success can lead to helping more people and making a difference in the world.

References Mentioned:

People and Businesses Mentioned:
  • Roland Frasier – co-author of Business Wealth without Risk, CEO Co-founder/principal of 6 different Inc. Magazine fastest growing companies.
  • Daymond John – Investor on “Shark Tank”, CEO of FUBU.
  • Gino Wickman – founder of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)
  • Tony Robbins – business and life strategist
  • Brian Tracy – Motivational speaker and self-development author.
  • Federal Express – mentioned as an example of a breakthrough that borrowed a hub and spoke check clearing process from the Federal Reserve Bank to revolutionize the overnight package delivery industry.
  • Rogaine – mentioned as an example of a product that found success in a different market than its original intended use.
  • Viagra – mentioned as an example of a product that found success in a different market than its original intended use.

About The Host:

Marc Aarons, is host of The Modern Consultant Podcast and founder of 8020Solutions.co.
Each week on the podcast, Marc talks with service leaders who want to make the world a better place.
At 80/20, he helps service experts launch “1-to-many” courses, coaching, and consulting offers.
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