#22 Books Grow Business: The Art and Science of Nonfiction Book Writing w/ Bryna Haynes

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To scale from helping people 1-on-1 to helping “1-on-many”, can feel like a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start.

However, if you’re a service provider, then you have an unique advantage. You get to simplify the vague goal of scaling into this clearer description:

I want to go from 1-on-1 to “1-to-many” marketing, sales, and delivery.

If you describe it that way, things become much clearer. For example, it becomes clearer that launching an online course, would be a “1-to-many” delivery strategy. On the other hand, writing a transformational non-fiction book, would be a “1-to-many” marketing strategy.

That said, both, if done right and with intention, your book can inspire, and even go so far as to change someone’s life. Then, to go even deeper, a course can deepen the impact – continuing where the book left off.

However, where would you even start and how do you begin to think about that?

To help answer that question, I’m excited to host this week’s guest on The Modern Consultant:

Bryna Haynes.

About Today’s Guest:

Bryna Haynes is the founder and CEO of WorldChangers Media. As a nationally-known book strategist, speaker, ghostwriter, and editor with over 17 years of experience in the publishing field, she has helped hundreds of thought leaders, teachers, healers, and enlightened entrepreneurs deliver their messages and radically uplevel their expert status through best-selling, impact-driven books. Titles she claims in her spare time include: self-reinvention savant, LEGO castle designer, dragon tamer, luxury travel hacker, and connoisseur of kick-ass boots.

Find out more about her at http://www.worldchangers.media/.

Questions We Answer:
  1. Authors and Course Creators: How can we road test ideas before writing a book or starting a business?
  2. Sales: How do sales arguments need to be constructed carefully in direct response copywriting to avoid attacking the ego? Why is this important for ethical persuasion?
  3. Business Strategy: How do sales arguments need to be constructed carefully in direct response copywriting to avoid attacking the ego? Why is this important for ethical persuasion?
  4. Book Structure: How to front-load story and following a 3-point plot arc to create reader connection and how to use it for teaching a lesson?
Whether you’re into books, courses, or both, there’s no shortage of details to get into on this one.
Timestamps if you like details:

[00:00:00] “How would you describe who you are and what you do?”
[00:03:04] Brand refresh leads to focus on family.

[00:08:16] Accidental journey into nonfiction editing and writing.
[00:13:44] Books create immersive experiences, teaching lessons with emotion, imagination, and engagement.
[00:21:18] Storytelling evokes emotions and creates resonance, connecting with readers.

[00:24:41] Transformational Book Structure: Front-loading a transformational nonfiction book with story is important, followed by a journey and the transformation of the hero (reader). Each chapter consists of story, discussion, and instruction, with the story becoming shorter as the book progresses. The goal is to leave readers with guidance on navigating their new selves in a familiar world.
[00:31:45] Types of stories: It depends on the audience’s resonance. Authors should consider meeting readers where they are and show the potential outcomes of following or ignoring their advice.
[00:39:24] Test your ideas: Personal expertise may not align with audience interests; teaching and presenting ideas leads to their development; understanding audience desires and needs ensures better service.
[00:47:32] Books In Your Business Model: Selling millions of copies is rare, so it’s more valuable to connect with a smaller, engaged audience. Sales take time, and a long-term strategy is needed to leverage the book for speaking and media opportunities. The quality of the book is crucial, but often overlooked in the publishing industry.
[00:55:01] Books Take 12-14 Months: Writing process takes 6-8 months, editing takes 6 months. Final book takes about a year to 14 months.
[00:58:40] Becoming an author is a hero’s journey: it transforms the way you see your own work, and inspires you to put it into the hands of as many people as possible.
About The Host:

Marc helps experts scale their impact in the form of high-ticket courses, programs, VIP days, and masterminds (without losing the deep impact of their 1-on-1 work). After helping over 1,000 entrepreneurs, he created his Product Flywheel Framework to help the next 1,000 do it faster. Learn more at: https://8020solutions.co.


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