#20 – Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Sales Copywriting w/ Kevin Rogers

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Can A.I. powered platforms like ChatGPT replace sales copywriters?

That’s just one of the questions I’m finding the answer to on this episode of The Modern Consultant with our guest, Kevin Rogers.

If you’re in the world of direct response copywriting, then Kevin needs no introduction – that’s because he’s the founder of CopyChief, a community of direct response copywriters and the world-class companies who hire them.

With over 9,294 members, a training vault for learning copy, a professional job board and over 795,550 podcast downloads. If there’s anyone who has his pulse on how the world of professional copywriters are not just reacting to AI, but how they are using it in their daily workflow, it would be Kevin.

Timestamps of what jammed on are here for you:

[00:00:00] How Kevin went from stand-up comic to sales copywriting.

[00:02:03] Copy is like a conversation, with interaction and pacing. Instinct for reader response is important.

[00:09:11] The speaker’s inspiration for starting a CopyChief came from a previous board that closed due to conflict. They wanted to create a digital space for copywriters to connect and collaborate. The forum has grown and attracted many helpful members. The forum is paid to ensure a positive and supportive environment.
[00:18:10] The stages of grief for AI-driven copywriting. The copywriting world is split between denial and excited acceptance.
[00:25:53] Kevin shares where AI is inaccurate and where it can be helpful assistant for researching and generating content.
[00:29:14] Kevin used ChatGPT to gather responses and analyze them for their copywriting program. They found 31 important topics but acknowledges that machines cannot replicate human emotions and experiences.
[00:34:40] The importance of core values, reactions to change, and the challenges of people management in business.
[00:39:58] CopyChief’s core values are honest communication, honoring commitments, continuous learning, and pride in performance.
[00:45:10] Entrepreneurial Operating System: The importance of regular meetings and clear communication in a company’s operating system, emphasizing the need for commitment and alignment.
[00:54:18] Starting a community requires a central activity or foundational training. A signature training or course can help build an audience.
[00:58:15] Pricing is important but tricky to lower. Started at $47/month, gradually raised to $14.90/year. Sweet spot was $599-$799/year. Raising prices effective for attracting new members. Caution when lowering prices.
[01:02:49] Lessons from Tech Platform Changes: Resulted in the loss of user engagement and history. However, the new format introduced private clubs with more activity and better overall engagement. Users can choose between a unified discussion or segmented groups. Having private clubs has created valuable relationships.
[01:10:46] Productization: Are you able to help people quickly solve problems? If people are willing to pay attention and money for your help, create a product/service around it.

About The Guest:

Kevin Rogers is a stand-up comedian turned copywriter, coach, and founder of CopyChief: a paid community of high-quality professional copywriters and companies that hire them.

With over 9,000+ members served and millions in copy project agreements signed, it’s become a place for hundreds of companies to connect with and trust the copywriters they work with.

To find out more about CopyChief, visit: https://copychief.com/.

About The Host:

Marc helps experts scale their impact in the form of high-ticket courses, programs, VIP days, and masterminds (without losing the deep impact of their 1-on-1 work). After helping over 1,000 entrepreneurs, he created his Product Flywheel Framework to help the next 1,000 do it faster. Learn more at: https://8020solutions.co.


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