#17 Educational Content: Deliver Value at Each Stage of your Client Journey w/ Marc Aarons

Listen + Episode Show Notes

[00:02:46] Service professional positioning relies on values alignment.

[00:05:49] Content needs for service professionals: problem awareness, diagnostic tool or process.
[00:08:29] Right sequence crucial for solving Rubik’s cube. Product flywheel framework helps solve the issue. Diagnostic tool and quiz used to evaluate. Custom road map created based on needs.
[00:10:52] Diagnostic tool, provides insight, valuable in sales funnel.

Topics Covered:

1. Introduction to the new website redesign and the “work with me” page
– Mention of the product flywheel framework on the “work with me” page
2. Overview of the Product Flywheel Framework
– Explanation of the four parts: revenue flywheel, audience flywheel, offer flywheel, and sales flywheel
– Focus on the importance of the sales flywheel and its connection to the customer journey
3. Positioning and Values-Driven Decision Making
– Emphasis on the need for positioning before designing the customer journey
– Incorporating personal and professional values as a differentiator
– Using values alignment as a guide for working with clients
– Examining patterns across clients to clarify values alignment
4. The Impact of Positioning on the Customer Journey
– Positioning’s effect on every touchpoint in the customer journey
– Importance of aligning content, messaging, home pages, emails, and advertisements with positioning
5. Introduction of a Diagnostic Tool for Problem Identification
– Example of 16personalities.com and its personalized Myers Briggs personality test
– Value of including a diagnostic tool in the sales flywheel to provide educational content
– Mention of a diagnostic tool for identifying potential problems and solutions
6. Focus on Helping Service Providers Prioritize Family Time
– New positioning emphasizing spending more time with family
– Data revealing that over 50% of clients are service providers seeking more family time
– Importance of understanding clients’ driving motivations for positioning
7. Importance of Solving Problems in the Right Sequence
– Introduction of the Rubik’s cube analogy for problem-solving
– Introducing the product flywheel framework as a solution
– Need for a diagnostic tool before introducing the framework
– Creation of a 10k course quiz for diagnostic checks on the product flywheel framework
8. Importance of Having a Roadmap and Aligning Values
– Highlighting the value of having a roadmap before starting a project
– Focus on aligning values with actions
– Commitment to providing value throughout the customer journey
9. Content Needs for Service Professionals in the Early Stages
– Importance of problem awareness to guide customers towards the best solution
– Content needs during early stages, including diagnostic tools and needs analysis
– Creation of a 10k course quiz as a diagnostic tool for online course experts
10. Creating Diagnostic Tools to Increase Problem Awareness
– The complexity of diagnostic tools based on niche or industry
– Power of diagnostic tools in raising problem awareness
– Example of WebMD’s symptom checker as a diagnostic tool
11. Challenges in Problem-Solving and the Rubik’s cube analogy
– Difficulty in solving different aspects of a problem without creating new issues
– Frustration of feeling stagnant or progressing backward
– Importance of solving for all sides of the Rubik’s cube
12. Testimonials and Impact on Clients’ Families
– Testimonials highlighting the impact on clients’ families
– Appreciation of the impact on families and acknowledgment of its importance
13. Positioning as a Business that Helps Position Clients
– Value in positioning oneself as a business that assists clients with positioning
14. Creating Messaging for the Customer Journey
– Importance of creating tailored messaging for different stages in the customer journey
– Necessity to adjust messaging for various channels
15. Understanding the Stages of the Customer Journey
– Introduction to HubSpot’s inbound leads methodology
– Breakdown of the stages: visitors, leads, opportunities, buyers, and repeat buyers.

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