#15: Lessons from selling a 7-figure E-Commerce brand and starting a course business w/ Gamal Codner

Listen + Episode Show Notes
Key Takeaways:
[30:31] – Who is Gamal Codner?
[34:12] – How Gamal impressed Fortune 500 trainees and CPAs with his expertise
[39:31] – Gamal shares his key learnings after launching Exit Blueprint
[47:47] – Common mistakes people make when trying to turn around their business
[53:12] – Gamal shares how to continuously grow courses and programs
[56:32] – How Gamal helps founders overcome their hidden thinking errors
[1:08:49] – If Gamal could go back in time, what advice would he give to his past self?

Learn more about Gamal Codner and his works by visiting: https://codner.co/
Learn the Exit Blueprint here: https://codner.co/pages/exit-blueprint
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman: https://www.amazon.com/Thinking-Fast-Slow-Daniel-Kahneman/dp/0374533555

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