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“[Setting up the survey] was more valuable than [$6,000 course] I bought!”


96 survey replies telling him what offer his audience wanted, their ideal price range, and when they would buy.


Zack does a $37,000+ launch in a “covid-decimated” industry.


Grew a $200,000+ online course and coaching business while working less than 20 hours a week.

Don't take my word for it.
Hear it from Zack himself right here:

Meet Zack

Zack is the creator of the Optimize Yourself program, where he helps ambitious creative professionals level up their careers without depression and burnout.

As an award-winning Hollywood film & television editor of Cobra Kai, Burn Notice, Empire, Shooter, and Glee to name a few, he’s no stranger to high quality creative work…and he’s also no stranger to the toll it can take on creatives.

Beyond the professional, he’s also a father of two, who deeply believes in work/life balance so he can be part of their lives.

That said, it’s not hard to see why he has such a strong following…especially since he’s been open about it for years on his podcast, website, and email list for years.

But…like most coaches, consultants and digital agency owners I’ve worked with, he was ready for more impact.

“Honestly, if I could make this a non-profit, I would. Having an impact has always been more important to me than making money.”

Sure, money does matter, but like all of my clients, Zack saw the money as meaningless unless it was in service of a greater goal: transforming people’s lives.

So, to have a bigger impact, we needed to answer a big question.

"Will anyone pay that much?

The pandemic shut Hollywood down.

The entire industry was out of a job.

Like many people I worked with at the time, it forced Zack to rethink and question everything.

Naturally, the biggest question was “will anyone pay that much?” but there was a whole list of questions that were strongly attached to that as well:

  • What topics do my people care about the most right now?
  • What would be most helpful?
  • Is it even right to sell anything now?
  • Can my business survive this?
  • If they did buy, how many would buy?
  • What topics, subtopics, and features should I put into my courses, coaching, and online training?
  • What should I do next?

Like so many of us at the start of the pandemic, he questioned everything…including himself.

That’s when he reached out for help.

“Stop questioning yourself.
Ask your audience instead”

That’s what I told him.

As an environmental science researcher turned online coach to 800+ solo creators like him, I’d seen it before.

Like most service providers, we develop a habit of helping others so much that we sometimes forget that before we start trying to help, the best possible first step is to just ask your audience what they even want help with in the first place.

So, to help get him out of his head and into the hearts of who he was trying to help, I shared with him a 3-Step Presale Plan.

The 3-Step Presale Plan

Step #1

Send the survey

Bad survey design means you get unhelpful answers…if you get any at all. 

To avoid that sad bag of stale potato chips, Zack used our survey template to get S.A.L.E.S. Answers…



of audience

How many of them want this…and are they the right people?



they'll pay

How much are they willing and able to pay?



of value

What is the “distance” between “Point A” and “Point where they want to B”?




What course topic, format, and features do they need to make the value real?



to buy

What steps do they take to buy…and how long does that take?

Of the 15-20 questions in it across those 5 areas, there were just 2 of them he needed to customize for his business.

Everything else was “plug and play”, which is why he was able to send it out the same afternoon he got access to it.

Then, responses started coming in the same day.

Step #2

Select the best buyers

Most people get lost in a sea of spreadsheet data. To avoid that, we used S.A.L.E.S. selection filters.

While Zack was used to looking at weeks of footage for editing videos, sorting through and making sense of survey data was outside his wheelhouse.

So, to make it easier, I showed him how to apply S.A.L.E.S. selection filters in the spreadsheet to (1) make sense of his audience answers and (2) help him pre-select the best course buyers.

By the end of this step, he had a qualified group of interested buyers that he was excited to help (and who were also willing to pay enough to make it worth his time).

Example: Zack started with a lot of detailed responses that looked like this:

Then, with the S.A.L.E.S. filters, it can get as simple as this:

Sample of Zack’s Data:

Step #3

Celebrate 😎

At this point, he had…

96 replies that basically said
“if you create it,
I'll pay you [$$$] for it.”

From there, all he had to do was give his audience what they wanted.

For some, he already had offers that matched exactly what they needed. For others, he saw the opportunity to come up with new higher ticket offers that they’d be excited to pay for.

He didn’t rush into it though — to deliver excellent value, he took 7 weeks after to create what they’d asked for, which is how…

…he had a $37,000+ launch
in 8 weeks.

Then, from there, he kept using the survey method to find out what his audience wanted 3-4 times a year, and just kept hitting the “repeat button” to enroll them into his courses and coaching offers.

Because they would tell him what they wanted, no high-pressure sales tactics were needed to enroll them.

Instead, it was just a matter of following up via email to tell them the product/service they wanted was ready.

For some, they bought from emails.
For others, they bought from calls.

Regardless of how they bought, they kept buying, which is how…

In 8 months, he built a $200,000+ per year side business on less than 20 hours a week.

That said, while the money was good, if you remember, Zack’s goal was impact, and so since then, he’s reinvested some of the money in hiring a part-time team and making sure his offers are scalable, which is how he’s kept his actual time working in the business to under 20 hours a week.

This allows him to focus on just the parts of the business he enjoys and excels at the most like coaching and course development.

Beyond that, it also allows him to protect the rest of his time so he can focus on 2 things that are ultra-important to him:

1-Being a husband and Dad of two.
2-The occasional try-out for American Ninja Warrior because why not? :)

"I have a clear picture of my business in 1-3 years and how that applies to the work I'm doing right now. Reframing my mindset to "What would 7-figure Zack do?""
Zack A.

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Hi, Marc Aarons here, environmental sciences researcher turned 7-figure sales copywriter and course coach.

After helping 800+ solo course creators with businesses ranging from $0-$10M+, I saw the #1 reason for failure:

Not knowing what your audience wants.

Whenever a creator didn’t have a clear idea of that, then they’d often spend months or even years building or selling the wrong thing.

Or worse, they’d be stuck in analysis paralysis before ultimately giving up on their ideas.

That’s a lose-lose for everyone – you don’t get what you want and neither does your audience!

So, I want to help with that – as a son of two service providers, a doctor and a leader in tourism and hospitality management, I deeply believe the world wins when service providers and creators like you give their best to the world.

If you’re onboard with that, then I invite you to not go it alone – sign up to the waitlist above and once we’ve got stuff ready to help you, then you’ll be the first to hear about it.


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3 weeks of tests, $17,297 in new course sales

“…first you helped me to see that my course ultimately helped parents be around for their kids’ bedtime stories. Then you helped me sell to folks outside my network and now it’s real. People value this and I have a fun way to reach them.”

Rob H.

Dev Shop Founder turned Course Creator
4 weeks of tests, $100,000 in entry offer sales

“Sales from cold traffic, even with the incomplete funnel. “You made me believe…” Never heard anybody sound that excited from a sales page before. They read it word for word!”

Zach J.

Consultant turned Course Creator, Author and SaaS Founder
"Copy used to be the only tool to grow..."

“…these evergreen conversions are unheard of…now testing a 50% higher price on our subscription offer without worrying about losing buyers. I used to overcomplicate everything…now growth is simple and doable.”

Jenni W.

Course Creator and E-Commerce Coach
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