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Step-by-step instructions to get 'er done and frameworks to level it up when you're ready.

2 Lab Kits

Get it done with word-for-word scripts, a survey template, funnel copy and $100 - $8,000 sales pages examples.


Get it done even faster with 8 weeks of live coaching and consulting to make it all work for your situation.

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Sales Page Kit

Training, tools and examples for you to write sales pages that sell $3,000 - $20,000 offers.


Join, do the work, ask for help and don't see results? We will provide additional coaching support or issue a 100% refund if we decide we cannot help you launch successfully. Full details below.

"I have a flagship course I'm proud of again…"
Chihyu S.
Author, Course Creator
From "COVID decimated my industry…" to a $37,000+ launch in 7 weeks.
Zack A.
Course Creator, Coach
"I am realizing I need to start planning for certainty of success instead of planning what to do if it doesn't work.”
Ciara P.
Author, Coach
Course launch in 7 weeks. "No doubt I can get more for round 2 when I have the system more refined."
Jesse H.
Author, Consultant
4 weeks of tests, $100,000 in entry offer sales
“Sales from cold traffic, even with the incomplete funnel. “You made me believe…” Never heard anybody sound that excited from a sales page before. They read it word for word. Can’t wait to have the whole thing done!”
Zach J.
AUTHOR, Agency Owner, SaaS Founder
"3 weeks of tests, $17,297 in new course sales"
“…first you helped me to see that my course ultimately helped parents be around for their kids’ bedtime stories. Then you helped me sell to folks outside my network and now it’s real. People value this and I have a fun way to reach them.”
Rob H.
Agency Founder, Course Creator
"Copy used to be the only tool to grow..."
“…these evergreen conversions are unheard of…now testing a 50% higher price on our subscription offer without worrying about losing buyers. I used to overcomplicate everything…now growth is simple and doable.”
Jenni W.
Course Creator, E-Commerce Coach
4 weeks of tests, " sales paid our copywriter's fees..."
“…this is beautiful work. I run a multi-million annual recurring revenue business that changes lives and we’re able to provide a generous quality of life to dozens of team members. A big thank you to Marc Aarons for helping me achieve my potential…”
E-Commerce Founder

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you join The Course Lab, follow our (Craft Your Course) method for 14 days, participate in the live coaching calls, ask for support in the coaching platform, implement and complete action steps but don’t see results, we will provide additional coaching support to help you launch or issue you a 100% refund if we decide we cannot help you launch successfully. Details are here.

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