Finding their "Goldilocks Price" increased course prices by 2X-10X (and beyond)

What if I told you I had a client that was charging $50 for an online video course, but then he found out his buyers were willing to up to $700 for an audiobook course?

Or what if I told you that another client had $79 digital products but then found out his audience was willing to pay up to $5,000 for an online course?

Or what about a client who sold a $100 course, but then found out there audience was willing to pay $5,000+ for an in-person workshop?

If you’re wondering about how much more your course buyers might be willing to pay you, watch this short video above where I show the straight forward way we find this out WITHOUT trying to sell anything.

After you watch the video,
review my Lean Course Launch method
then decide if it's right for you:



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"I am realizing I need to start planning for certainty of success instead of planning what to do if it doesn't work.”
Ciara P.
Author, Coach