How to turn your expertise into a profitable online course you're proud of

Learn the Lean Course Launch method that one of my clients used to make $37,000 in 7 weeks.

(it worked so they kept hitting the “repeat button” to double their course business in 9 months of quarantine)

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He's not the only one getting results.
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You'll learn how to...

…instead of wondering: “what’s my course topic?” “will I have enough buyers?” “how do I price it?” “what value are they willing to pay for?” and “how soon do they want to buy?””—you’ll discover how to start getting answers in 15 mins like Rob. It’s also how in 1 week, Zack got 96 people interested in buying his course (without pitching them).

Learn how to outline your course content in 1-3 hours without sacrificing the quality of your expertise or the outcomes you’ll create…even if you’ve never sold courses before. It’s how Ciara created her signature course outline in 1 day, then recorded it in 1 weekend (without feeling like her content wouldn’t create real outcomes).

Learn how and why to price your signature course between $1,000-$8,000 to enroll your best buyers. Then, get paid without a fancy sales page (that comes later). This is how Rob made $17,297 in course sales in 3 weeks (before this, he hired a sales copywriter, and they made no sales).

What Students Are Saying...

“…first you helped me to see that my course ultimately helped parents be around for their kids’ bedtime stories. Then you helped me sell to folks outside my network and now it’s real. People value this and I have a fun way to reach them.”
Rob H.
Agency Founder, Course Creator
"417 high quality subscribers…. I confess being rather intrigued at how the tech glitch may be a blessing in disguise 😀👌. No doubt I can get more for round 2 when I have the system more refined."
Jesse H.
Author, Consultant
"Copy used to be the only tool to grow..." “…these evergreen conversions are unheard of…now testing a 50% higher price on our subscription offer without worrying about losing buyers. I used to overcomplicate everything…now growth is simple and doable.”
Jenni W.
Course Creator, E-Commerce Coach
"Turn my intellectual capital into intellectual property…I like that direction a lot. That and shifting the focus from me to the product/service that I provide to scale the business and grow my brand in the 4th quarter. :)"
Chihyu S.
Author, Course Creator
Meet Your Instructor


Hey, Marc here. I’m an environmental science researcher turned…

Founder: I got 700,000+ visitors to come to my first site without paid ads, influencers or any kind of degree in business.

Consultant: I’ve worked with the United States’ National Institute of Health, neurosurgeons, and New York Times bestselling authors

Coach: 1,600+ coaching sessions with e-commerce, agencies and course businesses ranging from $0M – $10M+ in annual revenue.

After 10 years and working with over 800 course creators, I’ve done a lot of things right and gotten a lot WRONG

I’m here to share with you what I wished someone shared with me – that way, you’ll have every weapon available to leave this world better than how you found it.

Ready for a course business that changes lives?
Come to my LIVE class and make the method work.

4 weeks of tests, $100,000 in entry offer sales

“Sales from cold traffic, even with the incomplete funnel. “You made me believe…” Never heard anybody sound that excited from a sales page before. They read it word for word!”

Zach J.

Consultant turned Course Creator, Author and SaaS Founder
From a $79 product to a $5,000 course...

“…thought about doing this for years but never did till we met you. Great copy but the biggest thing was helping me to see that I was really building a startup.”

Carl R.

Author, Speaker and Consultant

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