The Pre-Sale Survey

You're 45 minutes away from the 1st person telling you they want to buy.

"83 responses
in 3 days"
Marco M.
"200+ responses
in 5 days"
Rob H.
"322 responses
in 10 days"
Chihyu S.

Perfect for course creators, coaches, consultants, and authors with an engaged email list or podcast audience.

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From 0 to 96 interested
course buyers in 1 week...

 …without “sliding into the DMs” of strangers on the internet.

 …without any social media posts.

 …without writing a sales page.

 …without creating a webinar.

 …without building a course.

 …without a huge email list.

 …without paid ads.

❌ …without SEO.

...and it took less than a day to set it all up.

They told him what to build, the price they'd pay, and when they'd buy.

Look at the screenshot below.

They didn’t just tell him the course they wanted and how much they’d pay.

Crazy, because he sent it out to people who work on hit movies in Hollywood, California and they are some of the busiest people in the world. And yet…

They told him everything...

and that's how he did a $37,000+ launch
just 7 weeks later.

"But what if not a lot of people fill out my survey?"

I get it.

I’ve personally ignored tens, if not hundreds of surveys. That’s true for in-person “clipboard” surveys. It’s even worse for online surveys.

I’m guessing it’s probably true for you too.

That said, it’s only natural to wonder if people would ignore your survey.

But you know what’s also true?

Neil's story...

Neil was another client of mine who tried to reach busy business owners and in week 1, he got just a handful of replies. 

If you look in the spreadsheet screenshot, you can see it for yourself – he literally got 5 replies when he started out.

It was frustrating for him, and me. But then, we ran the “Amplify Your Replies” playbook and just under two week later, he got a total of ~40 replies.

Not as much as we normally would like to see but still enough for him to do a $4,000 launch of his signature course just 8 weeks later.

Now, Neil is a consultant that makes way more than that in any given month but this was still a huge win because what it really stood for was a new beginning. 

The possibilities were enticing – the new course positioned him as even more of a credible expert in his field. Beyond that, it also made business sense because he could easily upsell from a “done-it-yourself” course to “done-for-you” services that he already provided.

Or, he could double-down on growing the course business and make that the main thing as well. Either way, the hardest part was done — knowing if anyone would buy.

One of the best parts? No complicated launch. Just finding out what his people wanted, then giving it to them.

But that’s Neil’s story. 

What about your story?


Neil got under 40 replies and still did $4,000 in pre-sales – enough to launch his course.

"Just made our first course sale!"
Neil S.

Think about the last survey
you filled out...

It’s a fact — you, I, and everyone have filled out a bunch of surveys before. If you look at why we did, it turns out there are 2 basic reasons:

Reason #1: We care about the person who asked (and so we fill it out because the relationship matters).

Reason #2: We care about the outcomes the survey will provide (and so we fill it out to help ourselves and/or others).

If you had to rely on any one of these to get people to fill out your survey, I’d always recommend you focus on reason #2.

People don't care about surveys,
They care about what the survey gets them

Think about it…

The reason YOU are still reading this page isn’t because we’re best friends — heck, I’m a stranger on the internet!

The reason you are still reading this page is because…

You care about the outcome this survey provides.

And guess what…

Your right audience cares too, and that’s why they’ll fill it out. That’s because…

Your right audience wants your signature course to exist. It’s also because…


Your survey lets them "customize" the helpful course
you will build for them

That’s just a logical win-win for everyone. How cool is that? Very cool. Beyond cool though, it’s effective – that’s why my client Zack, who I mentioned earlier, was able to do a $37,000+ launch in 7 weeks.


The Pre-Sale
Survey KIT

Let your email subscribers tell you
their perfect offer, price, and time to buy.
Then, make predictable pre-sales.

(VALUE: $247)

The PRE-SALE Survey Bank
(VALUE: $97)

(VALUE: $97)

(VALUE: $147)

Total Value:


$37 Today!

7 Reasons:

to send your audience a survey NOW:

Reason #1: No wasting time

I don’t know about you, but I hate the idea of taking 6+ months to build a high quality course for just 1 person to buy it. No, thank you. I would rather know what people want to buy, when they want to buy it, and for how much before I invest the limited time and energy I have.

I wouldn’t just want to know it would make money either, I’d want to know it’d make a real difference in people’s lives.

The Pre-Sale Survey is how to do that.

Reason #2: Build a better course faster

Aspiring (and even experienced) course creators often come up with course ideas then rush to build it. But then…

❌ They start getting refund requests.

❌ People stop finishing the course

❌ They get a billion questions from students at every micro-step of the course.

These are all signs of building a course that missed the mark. 

While perfection on day 1 is impossible, you can avoid the most glaring problems that sabotage your students’ success.

It’s much, much better to:
✅ Ask your audience what they want
✅ Ask your audience what they DON’T want (most people skip this step!)

Reason #3: Sell to just the right people

There’s no ickier feeling than selling the wrong thing to the wrong person. 

In most cases, you’ll just be ignored…which means you waste time, energy, and marketing dollars to reach them. 

In the worst cases, you’ll watch your reputation get flamed by angry social media mobs…all in response to a simple Facebook post or ad you made.

On the other hand, when you sell to just the right people, they sometimes try to sell you on why you should take their money! (and then they do on to become your best testimonials.

The #1 difference between the two is the relevance of your message – when what share is hyper-relevant to improving someone’s life, then the sale and testimonials practically takes care of itself.

Straight-forward solution: Survey your audience, find out what’s relevant, and then give them what they want.

Reason #4: Know if you should a fix a course you already have or make a new one

If you’ve already launched a course, this is a cool way to find any product gaps — which lets you decide if you should make small fixes or make an entirely new course.

Another cool thing is that if you already sell services, then you can use this to find service gaps too — then, you can fill the gaps with an online course that protects your time and scales your impact.

Reason #5: No huge audience needed

Sure, it works great if you have an email list but I’ve had past clients who had no email list (and so ran a few Facebook ads to get people to fill it out). I’ve also had another past client who had between 20-40 people fill it out from his list of contacts…and just that was enough to launch his signature course 8 weeks later.

Reason #6: Low risk

No one gets upset when you ask them to fill out a survey.

At worst, they just ignore it and move on with their life.

At best though, they’ll thank you for asking intentional questions no one has ever thought to ask them before.

Reason #7: It’s fast

My personal best is 45-minutes to customize and send the survey

Maybe you’ll beat my record. Who knows? What I do know is that some of my clients get enough replies in 3 days. Average is 1 week. Worst case scenario is 2 weeks. 

In my humble opinion, all of those times are a SMALL investment to make to avoid 6+ months of building and selling the wrong course.

You can do this. 

You can put the survey to work, just like Rob did…


Week 1: 200+ responses

“Lots of good stuff. Not sure if you get this from others but there’s always a handful of people who give me advice in the open field at the end about how to make a better survey 😅.

21%+ open rates so feeling pretty good about the list.”

Week 8: Launched his course

Rob has an audience that’s very technical (developers) and quite busy. 

But they took the time to fill out the survey, which gave him the feedback he needed to create a signature course they wanted. 

Then, 8 weeks later, the sales for his course started rolling in…

It's not just Rob.
Here's what others are saying...

The 3-Step Presale Plan

Step #1

Send the survey

Bad survey design means you get unhelpful answers…if you get any at all. 

To avoid that sad bag of stale potato chips, use the survey template to get S.A.L.E.S. Answers…



of audience

How many of them want this…and are they the right people?



they'll pay

How much are they willing and able to pay?



of value

What is the “distance” between “Point A” and “Point where they want to B”?




What course topic, format, and features do they need to make the value real?



to buy

What steps do they take to buy…and how long does that take?

Of the 15-20 questions in it across those 5 areas, there are just 2 that need to be customized for your business.

Everything else is “plug and play”, which makes it easy to send it out in as little as 45 minutes and start getting replies in as little as 15 minutes (like Rob did).

Step #2

Select the best buyers

Most people get lost in a sea of spreadsheet data. To avoid that, we used S.A.L.E.S. selection filters.

It’s easy, but to make it even easier, I include a video on how to do this to (1) make sense of your audience answers and (2) pre-select the best buyers — this is the group of buyers you can help the most (and make enough money doing it).

Step #3

Celebrate 😎

Congratulations. At this point, you have successfully gotten dozens (or even hundreds) of people to basically tell you,“yes, if you create your course at this price, I want to buy it from you.”

Now it’s the right time to start building, selling, or even pre-selling your course.


Let them tell you
what they'll buy.



The Pre-Sale Survey


"What offer do they want the most?"
"What price will they pay?"
"Do I fix my current offer(s)?
"Or do I make a new offer?"

No more guessing games – the Pre-Sale Survey is a product research and sales development survey template rolled into one precise package.

In as little as 45 minutes, you can go from filling-in-the-blank to getting answers you can use to make business decisions that help them.

It comes in two formats:

(1) a Google Form template for rapid deployment

(2) A platform-agnostic list of questions — perfect for quickly putting it into your favorite survey tool, whether that’s SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Wufoo Forms or a custom-built solution.

Bonus #1

The Pre-Sale Survey Bank


“What if I get stuck trying
to customize my survey?”

To make it even easier for you, open the Pre-Sale Survey Bank — it’s a Trello Board filled with proven examples from my past clients across a variety of niches — cooking, fitness, business operations, technology, coaching, business strategy, and more.

…even if you’ve never built a survey before, this makes it easy. Just watch the walkthrough video and follow-along.

Bonus #2

Survey Launch Calculator


"How do I know if my survey
is doing well or not after I send it?"

“How many people
should I send my survey to?"

No more wondering and pondering on that.

The Survey Launch Calculator has built-in survey conversion benchmarks and formulas for you to plug your audience numbers in and figure it out (instantly).

You can use it whether you have an existing email list or professional contacts. You can even use it if your target audience are complete strangers to you and you’re wondering how many of them you’d need to message to get enough replies.

No matter your situation, you’ll always know what to expect so you don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis.

Bonus #3

Amplify Your Replies


“How do I get people to fill it out?”

The “Amplify Your Replies” copy kit has your back — it’s a collection of outreach messages, an outreach video script, and follow-up messages to maximize response rates.

Unlike other copy templates out there, these are proven examples I’ve tested in the field with my clients.

Inside, you’ll see examples that work for both B2C and B2B scenarios.


Grand opening on March 1, 2022

The members section with all the tools and training will be ready to welcome you on March 1st, 2022.

But if you decide to join the program before it starts, I have a special bonus for you.

Pre-order and get this Fast-Action Bonus

On the launch day (March 1st, 2022) the bonus listed below won’t be for FREE as a part of this action plan anymore. But you can grab it now for FREE in this presale period.

PS: We’ll be selling this as a stand-alone course later but you can get it for FREE only during this presale period.


The $40K Case Study

How I did a $40,200 launch
from a list of 20 people in 4 weeks.


Watch over my shoulder as I take you through every step of my launch. From defining my target audience, my funnel strategy, and performance data at every step of the way. I hold nothing back.

Two $6,000 Email Scripts

2 email outreach scripts that helped to enroll candidates at a $6,000 price point.

I had 2 clients — one was “cold-sweat” terrified of sales and the other was responsible for $500M worth of sales. That said, selling an online course felt hard to BOTH of them…but then it got easier.

So what made the difference?
They both needed to see an example of how simple it could be…

In this case study, I share exactly that — how I did a $40,200 launch to literally “two handfuls” of people.

✖ No…you don’t need a huge list.
✖ No…you don’t need to be a world-renowned expert.
✖ No…you don’t need to be a smooth sales-person.
✖ No…you don’t need fancy tech either.

Instead, I’ll show you my relationship-first approach that inspired several buyers to:

✔ Tell me how much they were willing to spend…without me asking.
✔ Pitch me on why I should work with them…without me asking.
✔ Refer others to work with me…without me asking.

To see if it’s right for you, check out the actual “Getting Started” video from the $40K Case Study here:

Preview the $40K Case Study's
"Getting Started" video here:

Play Video

Total Value:


FREE today when you pre-order!

P.S. I’ll be selling this as a standalone product later, but you can get it for FREE only during this presale period. Since you’re planning to send your audience a Pre-Sale Survey, the next logical step is to have an example of how you could sell or pre-sell your course. This is that example.

"Pre-launch went great, I already met almost 50% of my launch goal with roughly 100 people. Launching to 5,000+ today. Now I'm freaking out about service capacity."
Zack A.


The Pre-Sale Survey

If you want predictable pre-sales,
find out what they want

(VALUE: $247)

The PRE-SALE Survey Bank
(VALUE: $97)

(VALUE: $97)

(VALUE: $147)

Total Value:


$37 Today!


7-Day Moneyback Guarantee


If you're not 100% satisfied with the template, tools, training or bonuses, you can request a refund for any reason.

On top of that, because it’s a presale and the Pre-Sale Survey is going to launch on March 1, 2022, your guarantee is extended until March 8, 2022.

That means you can go inside and take the full 7 days (or more) to see if you like it without commitment. Then, if it’s not for you, send an email to and I or someone on my team will send you a refund right away.

Frequently Asked Questions
about The Pre-Sale Survey

Who is the Pre-Sale Survey for?

The survey is specifically designed for aspiring and experienced course creators who (1) want to launch a signature course they’re proud of and (2) don’t want to waste time building or selling a digital product no one wants.

How is it different from other courses?

First of all, it’s not a course – it’s a shortcut. Instead of studying an online course, you’ll be customizing a survey to learn what your audience wants in record time. In as little as 3 days, you can know what signature course or offer they want, how much they’ll pay, and how many people want to buy.

I have already created my course. Can I use this?

Absolutely YES! Instead of researching and pre-selling a new course, you can use the survey to find product gaps in your existing course and get more customers.

Is the content available right away?

No, the content will be available on March 1st, 2022. We’ll notify you via email. But you’ll get a special presell bonus for free that’s instantly accessible. Learn more about the bonus above.

I don't have a big email list. Will it still work?

YES, YES, YES! Because when I used this strategy for the first time, I didn’t send a single email. Instead, I used the questions from the survey on a call with a few people.

Despite this, I was able to create and launch a signature course that made $26,891 in sales. So, from my experience, I can tell you: it works!

What if I don't like The Pre-Sale Survey and decide this isn't for me?

No worries. I stand by my work. If you don’t like it, just write us an email within 7 days and receive your FULL refund right away.

If you decide to buy this kit in the presale period, you can ask for money back by March 8th.

When can I expect the first results?

Clients of mine who followed the instructions precisely usually get enough replies for product research and pre-selling in 1 week. Some take 2 weeks. Many used those replies to then do $4,000 – $37,000 course launches. That was true even if they had failed or underperforming course launches for years.

I've been disappointed with trying to build and sell online courses for years. Are you sure this survey will help me?

Honestly, I don’t know you so I can’t guarantee anything. But what I know for sure is that this helps aspiring and experienced course creators. That’s because problems with “building and selling the wrong thing” often comes down to not knowing all five of the S.A.L.E.S. ingredients that the survey uncovers. I would be surprised if you followed the plan and were an exception. It rarely happens.

I don't have a lot of time per week to work on this.

My personal best for setting up and sending the survey is 45 minutes. Then, it takes 3-7 days to get the results back.

For new time survey creators, it can take 1-2 hours to think things through and another 1-2 hours to send it out.

From there, it takes about the same time to get results back. In an “underperforming” scenario, it might take them 2 weeks to get data back.



Hi, Marc Aarons here, environmental sciences researcher turned 7-figure sales copywriter and course coach.
After helping 800+ solo course creators with businesses ranging from $0-$10M+, I saw the #1 reason for failure:
Not specifically knowing what your audience wants.

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are — if you don’t know enough of what your audience wants, then you’ll build or sell the wrong thing. 
So, to help with that, I took my background in research and wove it with my experience in business to create The Pre-Sale Survey: a tool that takes the guesswork out of understanding what your audience wants.

I hope you find it as valuable as my clients have — just like they have, you can use data points from your audience to build something you’re proud of.

To your success,


"417 high quality subscribers. 93 survey replies. No doubt I can get more for round 2 when I have the system more refined."
Jesse H.
Author, Consultant
"I am realizing I need to start planning for certainty of success instead of planning what to do if it doesn't work.”
Ciara P.
Author, Coach
“…first you helped me to see that my course ultimately helped parents be around for their kids’ bedtime stories. Then you helped me sell to folks outside my network and now it’s real. People value this and I have a fun way to reach them. 3 weeks of tests, $17,297 in new course sales."
Rob H.
"Turn my intellectual capital into intellectual property…I like that direction a lot. That and shifting the focus from me to the product/service that I provide to scale the business and grow my brand in the 4th quarter. :)"
Chihyu S.
Author, Creator


The Pre-Sale Survey

Make pre-sales predictable by inviting your email subscribers to tell you their perfect offer, price point, and when they want to buy.

(VALUE: $247)

The PRE-SALE Survey Bank
(VALUE: $97)

(VALUE: $97)

(VALUE: $147)

Total Value:


$37 Today!

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