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"1st person in 15 mins"
Rob H.
96 responses in 1 week
"322 replies in 10 days"
Chihyu S.


1 - Set Your Goal

2 - Select Contacts

3 - Invite The Best

4 - Ask Questions

5 - Get Answers

6 - Find S.A.L.E.S.

Use it to find 10 star students in 2 weeks (who commit to enroll before building your course).

Online courses make sense - but how do you find your first buyers?

Truth: Launching an online course is not easy. From staring at a blank screen trying to figure out your curriculum or feeling lost when you realize you’re not sure about how to sell it or how much to charge.

When you know exactly who your first course buyers are though, a lot of those details become super easy because…your first course buyers have the answer!

If you just ask the right questions, they’ll happily tell you:
— what course topic(s) they want
— the price they want to pay
— the course format and features they need
— how soon they want to buy
— the unique value they want to receive

Your First Course Buyers walks you through the 6-step process I lead our Lean Course Launch clients through to get hundreds of responses in under 2 weeks.


Is this really free?

Yes! If you’re new here, the point of this is to build trust through delivering value you can’t find anywhere else. After years of coaching, I’ve found that transformation happens at the speed of trust. That said, the more trust we can build together, is the faster you’ll get results — which also means we get to brag about your results sooner. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Why email?

Emails don’t get lost in social media algorithm changes. They also allow you to get messages that are as long or as short as you need ’em to be. Finally, they also make it easy for you to save valuable information for future reference to your favorite note-taking tool of choice.
Oh, and yes, privacy matters.

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