Chapter 2
Why courses, coaching, consulting, and and communities don't help you

Executive Summary:
  • When trying to grow our business online, we try to get help from the “4Cs” of online help: Courses, coaching, consulting, and communities.

  • Often, we don’t get the results we want not because each way of helping has built-in limitations.

  • The R.I.S.E. Formula for creating $5K-$25K courses reveals the limitations of each model and provides a way to develop high-quality curriculum:
    • RResult you can see (contains 3 parts that spell GEO, like GEOlocation because you need 3 parts to know where you are, where you’re going and how to get there)
    • IIdeas that intensify results (it’s 3-parts spell AIM – the wrong AIM creates the wrong result)
    • SStories to internalize ideas (it’s 3-types spell HAV – when you HAVe the right stories, you take the right actions)
    • EExercises to engineer results (it’s 3-parts spell ATV – if you have the wrong parts, missing parts, or bad parts, then we struggle to create the result).
  • Use cases:
    • Courses creators: Go from $500-$2,000 courses to $5K-$25K courses. 
    • Coaches: Productize your coaching to go from 1-on-1 and small group coaching to medium- or large-group coaching without hiring a large team of coaches
    • Consultants: Productize your consulting to provide DFY or DWY courses without cannabilizing your higher end DFY 1-on-1 services (or sacrificing the quality of client outcomes).
    • Community Builders: Create a “content home” for solutions to spike success stories within your membership area without having to coach them through it.

  • Examples Provided:
    • The $15,000 Zoom Call
    • Client: He did $50M in sales but teaching was harder
    • Client: The $10K and $25K pilot program
    • Client: Writing a sales page in 2 hours
    • Client: From a $97 digital product to a $5,000 course
    • Client: Going from $100K per year to $100K per launch
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