Chapter 1
Why Proven Funnels Work, Then Fail

Executive Summary:
  • A”Proven Funnel” is any popular sales funnel template, framework, method, or model used to start or scale an online business. For brevity, I call them “templates”.
  • Templates are a great way to start selling but a struggle to scale.
  • Templates have 3 design flaws that I call “Funnel Traps”.
  • These “Funnel Traps” are hidden limitations of the model that slow or plateau growth.
  • Funnel Trap #1: Templates are designed to make sales, not profit.
  • Funnel Trap #2: Templates don’t tell you how to price test for profit.
  • Funnel Trap #3: Templates break if you try increase profit with multiple offers.
  • When most people can’t improve funnel profitability by themselves or with the help of their existing team, they look for “specialist” help in the form coaches, consultants, courses, and masterminds.
  • Even if specialists are aware of the funnel traps, their “solutions” often hurt the business more than it helps – I cover this in the next chapter.
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