Mellissa 3X’d her prices, started working less, and increased revenue by 200% after 80/20 Solutions Web Design

Mellissa Seaman is a Stanford-educated former attorney turned executive coach and business strategist who helps spiritually-driven professionals to work with their gifts, not against them. While her results spoke for themselves — a 98% satisfaction rate with over 1,000 clients worldwide — her website did not. That led to missed opportunities with exceptional clients, the kind that valued premium positioning. Then, she discovered 80/20 Solutions. Since working with us, Mellissa 2X’d her email list, 3X’d her prices, 5X’d the size of her staff, 10X’d the size of her webinars and 2X’d her revenue. Now, she works with conscious leaders to help unlock the critical peak performance needed to innovate and design world-class products.


Implemented 80/20 Conversion Web Design for instant credibility and prestige with elite clients.


Guided her through each step in the process so she could do it on her own in the future.


Strengthened her positioning with clear, strong headline copy.


Mellissa tripled her prices and doubled her revenue.